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I swear to God, my enjoyment of this book,The Christmas Wedding Quilt, an anthology with stories by Emilie Richards, Janice Kay Johnson, and Sarah Mayberry signals that I am becoming a young old lady. Y’all, I chose to read this book over others aimed at a younger audience. Like, I think this is aimed at old people given that it is about quilting and such. Granted, the characters are in early adulthood, but STILL. There is a nice saccharine, safe Hallmark quality to this anthology that is nice. If you are looking for a safe and stable sort of read, checkThe Christmas Wedding Quiltout.

The Christmas Wedding Quilt | Good Books and Good Wine

Let It Snow by Emilie Richards

Let It Snow is the only story in the anthology that takes place during Christmas. Jo receives a package in the mail from her deceased Aunt Glo. Within is a quilt and instructions to complete a bit of it and pass it on to the next family member, with the intention of having the quilt read for Glo’s daughter Olivia’s Christmas wedding next year. Jo takes some time off from her California consulting job and goes to Hollymeade in Western NY. There, she reconnects and reignites with an old flame.

Overall, I enjoyedLet It Snow. I would not be adverse to reading more by Emilie Richards. This story was tame as far as spice level goes. If you are looking for a comfortable blanket feeling sort of story, this short would be one you would do well to look into.

You Better Watch Out by Janice Kay Johnson

The Quilt (capital letter because it is important) goes to Ella in Seattle in the next story inThe Christmas Wedding Quilt,You Better Watch Out by Janice Kay Johnson. Ella is about to mail the quilt out when someone steals her older model red Subaru (the package is sitting in the passenger seat). She begins to chase after the car, enlisting the help of a stranger in a Corvette, Brett. Brett is a high power criminal defense attorney who just really needs a win. So, he makes it his mission to find the car and the quilt. Of the three stories, this is the most steamy. As a weirdo, I appreciated that.

You Better Watch Out was a quick read but it felt kind of repetitive and a smidge long winded. The characterization rocked though. Also, NO CHRISTMAS 🙁

Nine Ladies Dancing by Sarah Mayberry

One of the blogs I trust, either Dear Author or Angieville, I forget which, is a fan of Sarah Mayberry, so I was excited for this encounter. In the last story of the anthology,Nine Ladies Dancing the quilt makes it’s way to Rachel in Australia who has the task of adding a border. Rachel is rusty at quilting, so she turns to a patron at her library for advice. Rachel ends up going over to the woman’s house where she runs into Leo, a blast from her past and someone who really hurt her. He is home because he was injured fighting a fire that took the life of his friend Cameron. Tentatively, Leon and Rachel begin to bond and fall for each other.

I likedNine Ladies Dancing and how Rachel was multifaceted with hobbies and pursuits and great taste in books. The chemistry between Leo and Rachel was palpable. Overall, this was a cute and quick read. Also, this story lacked Christmas.

On A Scale of one to Clark Griswold, How Much Christmas Spirit does THE CHRISTMAS WEDDING QUILT HAVE?

I am going to put it at one, only one of the stories has anything to do with Christmas.

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