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Why Did I Read This Book:

Look, I know about the drama and the controversy that surrounded The Selection by Kiera Cass, and I sort of hate myself a little bit for wanting to read it. But here’s the thing, I fucking love trashy reality TV. I fully admit to watching every episode of Flavor Of Love, Rock Of Love, Daisy Of Love, A Real Chance At Love, I Love New York. ALL OF THEM.  When I had cable, I literally could not resist watching those trashy VH1 shows. I regret nothing. And so, when I heard the premise of The Selection, I was intrigued given my obsession with those sort of shows. Then you know, all the drama happened and I was like hmmm, maybe I will hold off on this. But, still, I had the book in my house and that curiosity was there every time I looked at it. Upon getting The Elite, the sequel, in the mail, twice, I texted a few of my friends who had read The Selection asking if I would like it. They said I would be into it, and you know, it turns out they were right and you guys I have a lot of feelings to work through — from surprise at liking it, to kind of feeling like a traitor.

The Selection by Kiera Cass | Good Books And Good Wine

What’s The Story Here:

The world of The Selection is one where there is a strict caste system. The number that you are determines your occupation in life. America Singer and her family are fives which mean they work in the arts. They are three steps from being the bottom caste. Anyways, there is a royal family, right, with a son of marriageable age. Tradition dictates that he choose a girl from the people to be his wife. The process to do that is called the Selection and all of the eligible girls in the kingdom send in an application. With the urging of her family, America submits an application even though she already has a boyfriend. Against the odds, she is SELECTED. So anyways, she ends up a part of THE SELECTION and there’s all kinds of cat fight drama and turns out there’s some rebels who consistently break into the castle. You know, the normal. OH and the two dudes she has to choose between are Prince Maxon and her boyfriend, Aspen.

How Is America Singer, As A Person?

Honestly, I don’t really have beef with America. I thought she came across as perfectly pleasant. Like, I wouldn’t want to be her BFF or anything, but I also don’t dislike her. Anyways, I liked that she stayed pretty down to Earth while she was in the castle. Like, she didn’t let the whole selection go to her head. She’s also kind to the other girls, except for Celeste, AND to her maids and honestly, I dig that. To me, that’s a trait I value in a character, kindness. It’s also cool how America sees problems with the caste system and actively uses her time at the castle to try and make life easier for those of a lower caste.

What’s The Deal With The Romance?

So. The romance. YOU GUYS! I hate myself so much for this, but I actually was pretty caught up in the love triangle and ahhhh, I was Team Maxon. Here’s the thing, Maxon is very sweet and actually nice. He does care about the ‘people’. Plus, there’s definite chemistry between himself and America. I know. I KNOW. Usually, I pick the homeskillet. But honestly? Aspen is a total douche. First, he basically rejects America. Then he waltzes back into her life and is all put your life at risk because I am still into you. Motherfucker, no, you had your chance and you blew it. But ohhh no, he just expects her to still carry a torch for him. Fuck that you guys. See, I am getting very heated with this.

Am I Going To Continue With The Series?

Look, the writing is not the greatest in The Selection, BUT I liked the concept, probably because I am just a tiny bit trashy myself. I literally read Kiera Cass’s book in one sitting. So, yes, I will be reading The Elite, even if it did end up covering my entire shirt in glitter. Guilty pleasure and all that.

Sum It Up With A GIF:

Bachelor Rose GIF

You know, I wasn’t smashed or anything while reading this, but I think wine would have been a nice touch.

Disclosure: Received for review.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.
About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. So, I think we have the same exact opinion of this book! It definitely has its faults but OMG I couldn’t put it down! It was fun. Love your review, April!

    • Indeed, I think we do. Like, obviously this book was not very great, but it was compelling for sure. Like you said, it was a fun read.

      Thanks for commenting, Lori!

  2. LOL!! You made me giggle with your review. I followed the controversy (’cause, how could you not? It turned into a massive train wreck in the comments. Sheesh.) and read the book (after, I think. The nonstandout-but-still-fun books all blur together when you read as much as we do, don’t they? Or is it just me?). Enjoyable story, I’m going to read the next, just to see what happens. And Aspen? Yeah, total douche canoe!

    • <3 I aim to please.
      Yeah, I saw some of that trainwreck and all that resulted from it was awful.
      I agree that fun books do blur together, at least for me they do.

      Word, Aspen is the WORST.

  3. I think wine would have been a nice touch too 🙂 I was kind of mad at myself for liking this too but, though I am usually able to resist, I too have that weakness for trashy TV and I’m dying to read the sequel and find out what comes next. Team Maxon!

  4. I love your review. It made me laugh out loud. I also love trashy TV and really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t life changing or anything, but the absolute best mind candy. I can’t wait to read The Elite.

  5. I was wary of reading this one because of all of the drama, too, but OMG I loved it! I could not put this down. I use to be addicted to those VH1 shows, so this was kind of right up my alley. 😀

  6. I guess I missed what the big controversy was about on this one! Regardless, I agree with everything in your review, and have already pre-ordered ‘The Elite’. Sure, it may be glittery brain-candy, but there is a bit of depth and the leading lady is actually not shallow. I enjoyed it for the fun that it was, and screw anyone else for thinking I should feel guilty about it! 🙂

  7. This wasn’t a great book, but it was very entertaining. I felt a bit like a traitor after all the drama, too. I think I might get the second book from the library, though, since I hear there’s MORE drama going on with the author …

    I think one thing that bugged me, though, was that there wasn’t a definite ending to this book and I wanted more of a resolution. Though, I did like the Bachelor-type story!

    Great review!

  8. I’ve been skeptical about this one too, but it really does sound like fun…

  9. April, your review was spot-on. Didn’t know about any controversy when I read the book but I have watched The Bachelor for a couple of seasons 🙂 I enjoyed The Selection and I will be reading The Elite, since the CW is making the TV show and the CW shows tend to be watched in my household.

  10. Honestly this book just made me giddy… it was cute and so much fun. The concept was pretty good, and while the world building was a bit shaky I could totally forgive it because of how it made me happy. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be completely serious to be a good book.

  11. I freakin love this series so dang much. It’s so fun with castles and dresses and stuff.
    WAIT OH WAIT til you read The Elite. It’s more like those shows you mention but still very, very good. I loved it so much.

    Also, I cannot chose between the boys. I love them both. This is the first book ever in life that I read that I had a hard time choosing a side and I’ve done the print and the audio and it didn’t even matter. And since then, I’ve had several cases of not being able to choose in the love triangle, so I think Maxon and Aspen started my downward spiral of neutralness. That’s okay, it’s still a fun series.

  12. Great review, and I don’t think you should feel like a traitor for breaking down and reading it (particularly if you got the books for free). I don’t think I’ll ever pick up the series though. It bugs me a lot that suddenly after all the meanness and drama, The Selections goodread’s rating suddenly got to skewed up to 4 stars … when almost no books ever get that high. Plus, I’m not into those reality TV dating shows. But if I were, I’d read this. I have friends that absolutely love that type of thing — if only I could get them to read a YA book, I’d totally recommend this one to them 🙂

    Great review!

  13. Yes, this book/series is just plain fun! I also feel like a traitor, but oh well. I love your review April! Thanks for linking to mine too!

  14. I only recently heard that there was drama surrounding this book, though I haven’t checked out all the deets why. But it was one I’ve owned and have definitely been curious about in that guilty-pleasure read kind of way.

    What an awesome review. I love the way you broke it down. It definitely made me move this book closer to the top of the pile, especially with the sequel coming out. I love a love triangle and have a feeling I’ll be rooting for Aspen even if he’s a total jerk.

    I just have to work past my dislike of the MC’s name so it doesn’t destroy the read for me. Character names can totally do that.

    Glad to hear it was a fun read and I’m curious to hear what you think about the sequel.

  15. I am so torn over this book, too! I know all about the drama that went on but there also so many people who love the book. I think you just have to go into books like these with an open mind and try and enjoy it for what it is, which you seemed to have done! I might have to follow your lead and give this a go, too!

  16. Ahh, you ROCK, bro. This is my thoughts on it in a nutshell, from feels on the controversy all the way down to the mediocre writing and addictive story. When my moms told me she pre-ordered The Elite, I felt no shame in squealing like a madwoman capable of little articulate speech. You get invested and that’s it.

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE ELITE. Even though people keep saying crap about the ending which I wish I didn’t know so I wouldn’t also feel so frackin’ anxious, man.

  17. I loved it too! Mostly because it was a mindless read, but it was cute and had a very Princess and the Pea vibe to it.

  18. Okay, so I actually don’t like reality TV much at all, but I do have a weakness for dating shows (though my faves were like The Dating Game from the 70s). Anyway, I watched the first season of The Bachelor, and I’m all about stuff like that, but only to make fun of it. I mean, whatever. Love it. Oh, also, there were a couple of chick lit books I read in high school about people going on dating shows like this and finding love, inevitably with a crew member (DRAMA AND A HALF!).

    See, I read this before I knew about the drama, though not before the drama, and gave it a 3. I enjoyed it. Total fluff and everything, but it was fun. Sometimes I need ridiculous fluff. I’m going to be reading The Elite too. Whatever. IDGAF.

  19. I don’t actually remember what the controversy was, but I remember upon hearing it deciding I would not read this book. With so many other books out there that I do want to read, I think I’ll continue to stay away from this one, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. I don’t think we should ever feel guilty over what we enjoy 🙂

  20. I shied away from reading this book for the same reason you did, which was all the controversy and issues tissues surrounding it back in the day. BUT I can’t help but be curious about it, especially since I’ve been hearing that Prince Maxon sounds like quite the catch. Plus, the whole concept seems to be fun (despite the fact that it probably is a bit twisted) and I think I’d like it (even if other people didn’t). I’m also stubborn about giving books a fair chance, so that, along with your review, might propel me to finally read this one.


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