Spring 2013 Dewey #Readathon Better Late Than Never

You guys, I obviously am the worst because I have been intending to sign up to participate in the Dewey Readathon and put up my reading pile post, but I kept putting it off and now, less than an hour before the Readathon I am whipping together a post. Agh. Fail, fail, fail. Ah well, it could be worse. So, I intend to read at least 8 books. I most likely won’t last the full 24 hours because I am such a baby about sleeping. I plan to start with a Dahl book as I always do – this time  James And The Giant Peach. I have a few graphic novels in rotation and some shorter review books. I might also read a novella or two on my Kindle. OH OH and I have Moon Over Manifest to finish via audio. And I have downloaded Reaper by Rachel Vincent – a novella that I’ve had from Audible for years and years but never listened to. Yay! I also plan to take like a break of two hours or so, to listen to my audiobooks and cheer.

Here’s my pile:

Readathon Pile | Good Books And Good Wine

What’s an absolute must read from this pile? Are you Readathoning today?

About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. I have Sailor Moon 3 and 4 in my pile! 😀 Moonies unite!

  2. Catching Jordan is really cute & probably you could breeze right through it. I loved both of her books and can’t wait to get my hands on the other two. I have Revenge, too, but I’m pretty backlogged on books right now, but I’m looking forward to it, too. Good Luck!

  3. Good luck with your reading, I’m taking part but I’ve only got six books to start with!

  4. I love your Dahl tradition so much! Also, I love that we’re the same and have huge stacks of books to choose from.

    Good luck today (even though we’re too old to stay up all night), and happy reading!!

  5. That Time I Joined the Circus was really good! 😀

    Good luck!

  6. SALT! So jealous. I love novels in verse. Eight books is crazy but I hope you enjoy reading them all… my friend lent me two Gordon Kormans, maybe I’ll have to check those out haha.

  7. SALT! So jealous. I love novels in verse. Eight books is crazy but I hope you enjoy reading them all… my friend lent me two Gordon Kormans, maybe I’ll have to check those out haha.

  8. OOOh let me know how you like Yellowcake!! I am so jealous, EVERY readathon that has happened over the past few years has gone on while I have been working so I couldn’t participate. Depending on how I feel after work (it is book sale day – EEP!) I might just jump in late and get some reading DONE! Also, BE STRONG! Get those blankets and warm yo’self up for reading through the night! :]

  9. Hi April

    That’s a big pile of books! Have fun reading.

    Chris (Team Lion Cheerleaders)

  10. Happy Read-A-Thon from your friendly neighborhood Team Lion cheerleader! Great job! I love your Dahl tradition, he’s so freaking awesome!

  11. Definitely better late than never. Looks like you have a great pile of books, there!

  12. I see James and the Giant Peach! I’m trying to work my way through his backlist and I’ve got The Twits in my pile. 🙂 Good luck today!

  13. VA Graphic Novels?! Please tell me if they are as rad as I think they are…

  14. Good luck, April!

  15. It makes me really happy that you’re reading James and the Giant Peach! I’ve been feeling a bit of Roald Dahl nostalgia lately, and I think I want to revisit some of my favorites (particularly Matilda, BFG and The Witches).

    As to which books I think you should read in that pile, I liked Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality a lot because it was pretty funny! It’s not a perfect book, but it is pretty good.

    Happy reading!

  16. How are you doing? Still reading? You can do it! Coffee, a cold glass of water and some snacks. Get back to the books!

    Chris (Team Lion)

  17. You’re the second person I’ve visited today with a Sailor Moon book in your pile! My daughter loved to watch the Sailor Moon series many years ago and had all of the action figures. Hope you’re enjoying readathon!

  18. I love how many graphic novels are on your reading pile! Thanks to teaching I’ve been reading a lot of comic books and graphic novels since they’re shorter. I have the first Bone novel on my pile as well. Have definitely picked up sailor moon a few times in the store but haven’t gotten around to buying it yet. Hope you had a great readathon!

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