Allison’s Top Ten Bookish Moments

Top Ten Bookish Moments

1. Meeting Jennifer Donnelly at Oblong Books
I still have the message from the g-chat conversation that I had with April when she was like “So, Jennifer Donnelly is having a launch party at a bookstore in Rhineback. Will you be busy with school?” and I was like “I can make myself unbusy…” And this is what ultimately led us to our first adventure to Oblong Books. It was so much fun, and it was wonderful to meet Jennifer Donnelly, and listen to her speak in person because I had loved her books so much. She’s so wonderful!

2. Book Expo America
Book Expo America is seriously like every book nerds dream. I had always fantasized about going because of all the stories that April would bring back about the people she met, the stories she heard, and the books she had gotten but I never actually thought it would happen. Then last year, I was able to go! It was so awesome, and I have so many amazing memories from last year, and I really cannot wait to get back there, and do it all again this year!

3. Getting my first Babysitters Club book
This was a big deal with for me because I had wanted to read the series for so long but my parents weren’t able to get me the box sets that were being offered in the book sale catalogs. So when I was finally able to get my hands on the first BSC book, and delve into this new world (complete with a poster that I hung in my school locker), I was so happy. I can still feel the excitement!

4. Pony Pals Club
When I was younger, I had two friends who were also completely into the pony pals club. The three of us loved horses, and we all wished that we each owned one, and that we lived near each other so that we could be like Pam, Anna, and Lulu in the stories. Even though we didn’t that still didn’t stop us from trying to act like the three best friends. I still only talk to one of those girls but it’s still a nice memory to have.

5. Sailor Spectacular
April will probably want to kill me for even mentioning this but back when we were younger we participated in this event called Sailor Spectacular with a group of our friends to promote the manga section of our local library. We all dressed up as original Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon (we even had our own names), and acted out an entire show for an audience (complete with singing and dancing). There is a videotape floating around somewhere, and I still have pictures from somewhere as well but they will probably never be seen by the public eye again. It was a lot of fun though, and one of those memories that we look back on now and say “did we really do that?”

6. Receiving my first Shel Silverstein book from my grandmother
As I have mentioned before my grandmother started a tradition where she would give me a Shel Silverstein book, and write something on the inside cover. I don’t think I will ever forget the feeling that I got when I opened the first book, and realized that she had left a message just especially for me. The two of us are really close, and I love being able to share something like that with her.

7. Dressing up like Garfield for a school project
When I was in fourth grade, we had to do a project on an author’s life, and I chose Jim Davis. I believe I was obsessed with the Garfield comic at the time, and I thought it would be interesting to learn about the man behind it. And it was … for example, did you know that Jim Davis is allergic to cats? Bet you didn’t! Anyway, for extra credit, we could dress up as one of the characters from our author’s books during the school open house. Of course, I chose to dress up as Garfield. My grandmother helped make my costume, and did my face paint, and when I showed up at the school, I was the talk of the open house. It was a lot of fun!

8. Volunteering at my elementary school library
At first this might sound like I’m talking about going back and volunteering at my elementary school library as an adult, except that I’m not. When I was younger, I used to go to the library whenever I could. I loved it there! Somehow (I honestly can’t even remember how) I also started volunteering there. I was taught how to shelve books, catalog items, write things down, and even check other students books out (until it was discovered that it was apparently illegal for me to do that). I don’t remember a lot from those days but I do remember that I enjoyed it, and thought it was pretty neat to be “working” in a library.

9. My mom reading bedtime stories to us
When my brother and I were younger, my mom used to read us bedtime stories. I really do think that this influenced my love of reading. She read us fairy tales, and stories from Winnie the Pooh as well as many other things. It was always special to us because it didn’t happen often due to her work schedule and whenever it did, we all snuggled up under the covers and enjoyed getting lost together in a wonderful story. Priceless memories!

10. Sharing the love of reading with other people
Be it my family, my friends, fellow bloggers, or even authors, I love sharing the love of reading with others! It is so much fun to sit down and discuss books. Or pass books down to other people. Or be like “hey, have you read this?” and if you find out someone hasn’t read something insist that they do. I really enjoy turning people onto new and different books. I love sharing the gift of reading!

What are some of your favorite bookish moments?

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Allison is 27 years old. She is always looking for new books, good music, quality/epic adventures, and a normal sleep schedule. She currently works with the elderly.


  1. I love your list and seeing how much your family contributed to your love of reading! I also think it is fantastic that you and April helped promote manga at your library when you were teens. It is great to see teens get involved at their library and librarians often really on teen input especially when it comes to manga and graphic novels.

  2. I’ve been thinking about going to Book Expo. It sounds like so much fun! Sounds like you’re planning to go again this year?

  3. It’s my dream to attend the (or any) book expo! Great list! 😀
    My TTT

  4. BEA ftw! So many fun memories!!

  5. It looks like you have some amazing bookish memories! I would love to work in a school library, that would be so much fun!

  6. I think these memories are great! It’s so cool that you volunteered at your library when you were younger. Given the chance, I’d probably do the same! It would have been (and still would be) an ideal job for me.

    Also, I love the fact that you and April promoted the manga section of your library. I’ve been sorely neglecting my manga reading these days…

  7. Bahahaha, about Sailor Spectacular: pics or it didn’t happen!

  8. You have so many fun memories on your list Allison! I loved Babysitter Club books too when I was younger and I remember Pony Pal Club books! Aww your dressing up as the Sailor Moon characters and Garfield were so funny. Great stories. Here`s to many more to come 🙂

    My TTT post

  9. Sailor Spectacular sounds so cool!! Pictures! Must see the pictures!!


  11. Hey Allison!!

    This is such a great list! I have a similar memory of my grandmother starting and completing my Nancy Drew collection – she gave me five books every year for eleven years (the last year, I got six). I cherish them!

    AND CAN I GET A HOORAY FOR BEA!! I’m going this year – it’ll be my first year and I HAVE TO MEET YOU!! I must. Let’s make that happen, shall we?? I’m already excited about it!

    And Babysitters Club is a life-time favorite of mine forever and always, amen.


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