April’s Bout Of Books 6.0 Goals

Y’all, I’ve decided that with my crazy insane goodreads challenge, I might as well participate in Bout Of Books to give myself a bit of a boost with my numbers.Plus, it’s a fun way to interact with members of the community that I might not already know.

Here’s the official blurb from the website:

“The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, January 7th and runs through Sunday, January 13th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 6.0 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. -From the Bout of Books 6.0 team”

So, because the readathon is pretty much like 6 days, I am going to try to get in 7 books, which is a little more than a book per day.

Here’s my plan a little more specifically —

  • Read before heading off to work
  • Utilize audiobooks in my car and while doing boring filing things at work
  • Read for at least 30 minutes during my lunch break
  • Set alarm/timer to make sure I read for 90 minutes a night

Oh, and I bet you’re curious about the pile:

Bout Of Books Pile

Here’s what I picked:

  • Personal Effects by EM Kokie audiobook – because it’s narrated by Nick Podehl and I’m listening to it now and quite liking it.
  • Scent Of Magic by Maria V. Snyder – picked this because it’s a Vine book and I have a resolution about reading all of them.
  • Altered by Jennifer Rush – This has short chapters plus it published 1/2/13, so I need to read it and get it out of the way.
  • The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver – Another Vine book, plus it’s middle grade and Lauren Oliver YAYYY!
  • Prophecy  by Ellen Oh – Basically this looks to be a quick read plus it’s one of my January review books.
  • Through The Ever Night by Veronica Rossi – My blogger friends love this book and I’m so ready to find out what happens to Aria and Perry.
  • The 13th Sign by Kirstin O’Donnell Tubb – Concept is intriguing plus this looks like a very fast read.
  • Falling For You by Lisa Schroeder– OOO! So, apparently this one is about an abusive relationship kind of and that seems relevant to my work.
  • Revolution 19 by Gregg Rosenblum – Basically I’m positive I can whip through this plus it releases this month.
  • Something Strange And Deadly by Susan Dennard – Another Vine book and I love the whole zombie thing.
  • Wings Of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy by Tui T. Sutherland – Again with the vine books.
  • Splintered by AG Howard – I’ve already started this and am like 20% in. I’m hoping to finish this during Bout of Books. It’s another January NEED TO READ ASAP book.
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley – Basically this is download in my Audible app, and so I figure whenever I need to walk around I can just listen to this book.

Are you doing Bout Of Books? If so, what are you reading? Have you read any of the books I picked out? Let me know in the comments below.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.
About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. Awesome list of books! I loved SPINDLERS – definitely MG and an Alice in Wonderland feel. PERSONAL EFFECTS was whoaaaaaa! Heavy but sooo good. Haven’t read the others, but many are on my list. Enjoy.

  2. Hooray for Bout of Books! And that looks like a fantastic stack. I’ve heard good things about several of them and am personally super excited to read Falling for You and Through the Ever Night.

    Good luck with your goals!

    Since you asked, I’m doing Bout of Books, too, and my goal post is here. 🙂

  3. LET’S DO THIS THING, APRIL. Also, I had no idea that Nick Podehl narrated the Personal Effects audiobook. I’ll have to check that one out.

  4. WOW this is an awesome challenge- good luck! I would love to read any of the books on your pile…the only one I have read is ‘The Spindlers’ and I really enjoyed that one; it is very cute and whimsical! x

  5. 7 books is an awesome goal! I have Altered from netgalley and while not on my official list, I’d like to try and get to it too. Wings of Fire was a cute book, I really enjoyed it, and it’s a fairly quick read. Good luck with your goals this week April!

    • One of my friends is reading Altered right now and she said it’s fast read, so I think you’ll likely get to it. I’m so glad Wings Of Fire is cute and quick because that’s definitely what I am looking for right now. Thanks, Cait!

  6. Oooh! I love your list. The only one I’ve read is Something Strange and Deadly (LOVED IT), but I also can’t wait to read Through the Ever Night and Falling For You as well. Also, I completely admire you for trying for seven books in one week. I don’t think I could ever do that. Good luck!

    • I am so glad to hear you LOVED Something Strange And Deadly, that really gives me hope for when I read it. Ha ha, the seven books basically means that I’m going to turn into a hermit or something just so that I can finish it.

      Thank you 🙂

  7. Seven books in 6 days, I’m sure you can do it no problem. I may have to add Falling for You to my list too. If I don’t get to it during the readathon, it is a January must read. I love Lisa’s books.

    • Ha ha, I hope I can do it. It’s going to take a lot of determination and focus and crawling into my hermit shell for sure.

      I’ve never read Lisa’s books before but I can’t wait to try them out.

  8. Oh April you have an awesome stack of books to choose from, Something Strange and Deadly, Falling For You and Through the Ever Night are in my tbr piles, but I didn’t choose to pick them up for this read-athon! I’ve just decided to go for three books, hopefully I’ll be able to read more! Good luck with all your goals! 🙂

  9. Okay but really, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is badass and you will LOVE IT.

    Go April!

  10. I’m hoping to read Scent of Magic for the read-a-thon too. I love your read-a-thon strategies! I like to read at least a half hour every morning before work too. I just need to work on reading after I get home in the evenings. I always mean to but it hasn’t been happening! Good luck with the read-a-thon and I hope you meet your goals!

    • Usually before work I just putter around after I get out of the shower instead of accomplishing anything and that’s really time I could focus on reading.

      Evenings are hard too, because I work out, then I make my dinner and hop on the computer and you know 4 hours later it’s time to sleep.

      Thanks so much for the well wishes. 🙂

  11. Great list! I thought about signing up for this one, but read-a-thons and I don’t get along and I somehow wind up reading fewer books than normal. Will definitely cheer you on though! Go April! 🙂

  12. Looks like we have two books in common: Through The Ever Night and Falling For You.

    I’m reading Through The Ever Night because I totally loved Under The Never Sky, and I’m reading Falling For You because the blurb caught my attention and it looks like a good pick to use as part of the 2013 Contemporary Challenge.

    Anyway, I hope that you enjoy all your books and have a great week!

    • Oh, I just loved Under The Never Sky as well. I mean, how could you not fall for both Aria and Perry.

      Best of luck with your contemporary challenge. The blurb for Falling For You IS pretty great indeed.

      Thank you, Kathy!

  13. Merp. I’ll be curious to see how you feel about most of these. All the ones I’ve read were not totally awesome reads for me, with the exception of Something Strange & Deadly, which ROCKS.

    But, yay, I will be able to leave insightful comments on those reviews when they go up, but I hope you have better experiences with a couple than I might expect, because ugh wouldn’t wish that on you.

    • Uh oh, I’m getting kind of a little bit nervous. I have started Splintered and am kind of bored by it, but I’m looking forward to the others listed. ALSO quite a few people have endorsed Something Strange And Deadly, so I am DEFINITELY looking forward to that one.

      • Yeah, Prophecy was…something. Revolution 19 I’ve seen pretty much universally pandered by the peeps I know. Altered has hot boys, but that’s like it. The Spindlers was alright, but defs not Oliver’s best (probs her worst, though she’s awesome, so not on the same scale as the others).

  14. You’ve got this! I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on Falling For You especially with your background, and line of work. We shall discuss. NOW GET READING GIRL! <3

  15. What an excellent pile! Prophecy is on my debut TBR. Good luck!

  16. Good luck with the read-a-thon… You look like you have a great stack of books to pick from.

    happy reading.

  17. Wow, that looks like an intriguing pile of books April! I like the timer idea for committing to a period of reading each night – might steal it 😉 Really interested in Falling for You & your thoughts on it.

    Also, how can you fail when you have a co-blogger as motivating as Allision?!? Haha, I love her message above.

    • Steal away! I love having a timer going because it forces me to not check twitter or email or screw around but instead actually stay focused on my book for a predetermined amount of time. PLUS! I am always amazed at exactly how much I end up reading once the timer goes off.

      Allison is pretty much the best ever!

      Thanks for stopping by, Rachelia. 🙂

  18. I loved Personal Effects! The challenge sounds fun. I might have to pick a week to try and read a book a day (when I’m less busy).

    • I’m glad to hear that Personal Effects is good. I am loving the audiobook so far. Yeah, I like Bout Of Books because it challenges you to fit in more reading into your day. I’m lucky that it’s in January when my work is kind of slow.

  19. I need to read The Spindlers (though it’s not in my pile for BoB), and I need to pick up Scent of Magic.
    Also, curious about Altered, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for your thoughts on that one.

    • I just started The Spindlers this morning and I like the way it begins and so far I’m keeping an open mind. I will make sure to review Altered as soon as I finish it. Good luck to you with BoB as well. 🙂

  20. Good luck to you! Seven book is pretty ambitious!

    Those books all look interested, particularly Veronica Ross and Maria V. Snyder. Will be looking out for your thoughts.

    Good luck!
    (Ohwait, I already said that. More luck!)

    • Yeah, seven books is totally much more than my normal amount. I did finish my first book yesterday though so now it’s only six more to go. I know that I’ll get most of those books read during the weekend which is normally when I get most of my reading done.


  21. OMG I love the books on your list!!! 🙂 Great choices. Good luck with the read-a-thon!

  22. I like that you made such specific time goals. I always jump into this with too many books and no plans and fall short of my goal.

    I’m looking forward to Through the Ever Night and Falling For You, I hope you enjoy them both!

    • I feel like making specific time goals is kind of the only way I can do it and stay focused.

      Oh my goodness I CANNOT wait to read Through The Ever Night and Falling For You, I have heard so many good things about both books.

  23. Best of luck 😀

  24. What an amazing set of books, I’m envious! I’m yet to list my books as I don’t know what to read till I finish one then I decide LOL

    • I’m pretty retentive about my reading so I try to organize what I’m going to read a few books in advance, although with my audiobooks I’m a little less organized. Sometimes it’s nice to have freedom to pick last minute though. 🙂

  25. Holy ARCs! You picked some great books to read! And I love the time limits you set on reading. 🙂 I really should set a timer at night to see how long I’m reading. I know there are some nights where I fall asleep after a few pages.

    Good luck with the readathon!


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