Allison: 2013 Feminist Reads Challenge

Feminist Reads Challenge

One of my 2013 resolutions is to join a reading challenge … and guess what I found the perfect one for me: The 2013 Feminist Reads Challenge! It is being hosted by Sara @ The Hiding Spot, and is focused entirely on reading fantastic books that feature women and girls who embody the idea and the spirit of feminism.

This is the PERFECT challenge for me. I love reading about strong women, and I’ve also been looking for more reads where I can incorporate my educational background. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

My challenge level for the Feminist Reads Challenge will be hard which means I will have to read 10 or more books.  The list of all the books I have read for this challenge will be right here:


YOU can find out more about the challenge HERE.

Perhaps you will join us? I hope so!

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Allison is 27 years old. She is always looking for new books, good music, quality/epic adventures, and a normal sleep schedule. She currently works with the elderly.


  1. Oh, this challenge sounds pretty cool, and I hadn’t heard of it–thanks for letting us know about it! Good luck with your goal, there are so many great books featuring strong female characters now that it should be a breeze. 🙂

  2. Good luck with your challenge. I actually avoid feminist labeled stuff. I have issues with later waves of feminism, so yeah…

    But good luck all the same : D

  3. This is a great challenge, I am all for more strong female MCs! Good luck, Allison, I hope you discover some good books!

  4. I recommend Sister Mischief by Laura Goode if you are looking for a good Feminist YA read.

  5. Love it! That’s a fabulous challenge — plenty of strong MC’s out there (Grave Mercy, anyone?). I’m horrible about keeping up with challenges but I’ll be your cheerleader!

  6. Hi Allison! Thank you for participating in the Feminist Reads Challenge!

    I’ve just put up a post for challenge books read in January, updates, etc and am hosting a giveaway for THE MADMAN’S DAUGHTER if you’re interested! 🙂 …