Top Ten Series I Shamefully Haven’t Finished Yet

Hi everyone — it’s Allison

Top Ten Series I Shamefully Haven’t Finished Yet

The Tea Rose Jennifer Donnelly Book Cover

1) The Tea Rose series by Jennifer Donnelly
Why? I think I’m honestly afraid for this series to end so I’ve been putting off reading the final installment The Wild Rose. I just have so much love for the characters, the settings, the plots, the writing. I love it all!

Anne Of Green Gables Box Set

2) The Anne Of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery
Why? I read the first one at the insistence of April back when we were in college together when she found out that I’d never read them but I have never been able to read the others in the series. I actually got the whole series in a box set for Christmas a couple years ago so I really do need to get onto reading them.

Chronicles Of Narnia CS Lewis Box Set

3) The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis
Why? I honestly have no idea. I read the first one when I was younger but never continued with the series. Again, this is also a series that I actually have a box set of so I should really get on that and read them.

The Giver by Lois Lowry Book Cover

4) The Giver Series by Lois Lowry
Why?  I have always loved The Giver but I never realized it was a series until just this past year. I’m serious. I have no idea how that slipped past me but after having the opportunity to listen to Lois Lowry speak at the BEA Children’s Author Breakfast (she’s amazing), I found that I really need to get my hands on all the books in the series in read them.

Daughter Of The Forest by Juliet Marillier Book Cover

5)  The Sevenwaters Series by Juliet Marillier
Why? I’ve only read the first book in the series Daughter of the Forest but, I really want to read the others. Juliet Marillier is such an amazing fantasy author. She makes me get lost in her worlds, and with her characters, and I love it!

A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray Trilogy Book Covers

6) The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray
Why?  When I finished the first book in the series, A Great and Terrible Beauty, I didn’t have access to the other books. And now even though I have all three books in the series (and their autographed too!), I still haven’t sat down to read them. I really need to fix this because I really enjoyed reading A Great and Terrible Beauty, and I love Libba Bray!

Redwall by Brian Jacques Book Cover

7) The Redwall Series by Brian Jacques
Why? I’m really surprised by this one honestly because The Redwall Series is one of April’s favorite series of books, and I’m a little surprised that she never “forced” me to read all of them. Admittedly, she was the reason why I started reading them at first but, I guess somewhere along the way I lost track of them, and never finished the series. I would like to be able to go back to it someday.

Lord Of The Rings JRR Tolkien Box Set

8) The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series by  J.R.R. Tolkien
Why? I did try to start the Fellowship of the Ring when I was younger but for some reason I couldn’t get into it at the time. I always wanted to go back and try it again though. Maybe I will not that I’m older and have a higher attention span, I will give the whole series another shot.

Fearless by Francine Pascal Book Cover

9)  The Fearless series by Francine Pascal
Why? I remember enjoying this series when I was younger but I never really finished it. I think it was because my library didn’t have all the books, or maybe I just moved onto something different. I think I would still like to go back and finish it some day.

De Piaget Family Lynn Kurland Series Of Books

10) The De Piaget Family series & Macleod Family series by Lynn Kurland
Why? Well, in truth these two highly interconnected series are not actually finished yet. It seems that just when you think it is finished another family member gets their own story, and their own romance, and it all begins again. I love that about them  but at the same time it makes it hard to finish especially when there are “older” books in the two series that I haven’t had a chance to read yet! But still…I love the series, and the families, and the characters, and the romance, and the settings, and the time travel, and all that it involves so I imagine that I will still be reading these books for a while to come.

So, that is my unfinished series list of “shame”.

What is on your list? 🙂

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Allison is 27 years old. She is always looking for new books, good music, quality/epic adventures, and a normal sleep schedule. She currently works with the elderly.


  1. I actually just realized The Giver was a series last year as well! I snagged em up right away! Not as amazing as the Giver. But well worth the read!

  2. I haven’t read any of the series on your list but have been eager to get hold of The Giver.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Nice list. I really want to read The Giver. I see it everywhere lately.

  4. I finally got a copy of The Giver a few months ago. It was used. I opened it up and there were lines and notes and highlights throughout the entire book. Every time I go to read it something prevents me from doing so. It’s odd.


  5. I will have to pick up the Jennifer Donnelly series. They sound really good.

    I didn’t realize The Giver was part of a series until recently either. I read Anne of Green Gables as a teen and I also read Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island but I never finished the series. I still haven’t finished the Narnia books either.

    I loved Daughter of the Forest and really enjoyed the second book too. I wasn’t as big a fan of the third book but the newer ones don’t live up to the original three (though they are still good). I hope you do read them someday.

    The Lord of the Rings is much better in my opinion than The Hobbit. As a teen I tried reading the series but couldn’t get into it. It was the Fellowship of the Ring movie that made me decide to give it a try again as an adult. I love The Lord of the Rings though I admit to skimming over certain passages. Tolkien was horrible at writing poetry and I didn’t always appreciate his efforts at making his story sound like Beowulf or other epics.

  6. I did not know that The Giver was a part of a series, either! I will have to check out the rest of them. Thanks for the info!

  7. I definitely had no idea that The Giver was a series! I loved it when I read it in my school days, but I suppose it makes sense. A lot of those classic books get more books tacked on to them (like Dune), but I’m always leery about the quality of those extra books…

    Here’s mine:

  8. I only recently came to know that the Tea Rose was part of a series. I’m very intrigued as to where the story goes next.

    It is absolutely essential that you finish the Anne of Green Gables and Chronicles of Narnia series. Anne of Windy Poplars drags and Rainbow Valley is more like a collection of vignettes but Anne gets to much better as a person. And the best Narnia books take place in the middle.

    I loved Redwall but that series went on and on and on such that I stopped considering it a real series. I have the impression that Jacques may keep going until his death. I stopped at Taggerung but now I feel like a quitter and that I need to go back.

    My shameful unfinished series is Sharon Shinn’s Samaria series. I read Archangel and then never picked up the rest.

  9. I have that pictured boxset of Anne of Green Gables and that was eventually what pushed me to finish the series. Although some of the later books are a bit meh, the final one (Rilla of Ingleside) is awesome and almost as good as Anne’s original story. You definitely need to read them all!

  10. Great list! I didn’t think of Anne of Green Gables. I finished all the Chronicles of Narnia and loved them! LOTR/The Hobbit made my list as well.
    My TTT

  11. Great list! Despite being a major fan of the fantasy genre, I never got around to The Chronicles of Narnia. I meant to when I was younger but I don’t know what happened, I ended up returning the book without even starting it. Dunno if I’d get around to reading it now though…

    Here’s my TTT for this week =)

  12. Ha! The Tea Rose series is also on my list, though I haven’t read The Winter Rose either.

    Anne of Green Gables I never will finish. It got so awful and boring and Christian, or at least I thought so. Good luck!

    Narnia, yup. Me too.

    The Giver I don’t think I want to read the sequels for actually.

    Bahahaha, I kind of want to revisit Fearless too. I loved those!

  13. Congratulations, Allison. This is the first TTT all day to make me go, “No! I have a SAD!” You should definitely finish The Lord of the Rings. I ought to finish Anne of Green Gables as well, although I need to reread book one. I think I’m going to opt of finishing THE GIVER series, I like the way the first book ends.

  14. I feel like you SHOULD read LotR, but at the same time, I think if you watch the movies that’s basically the same thing. LotR is the only book to movie adaptation I would say this for.

  15. Ohmygoodness, for the love of all that is holy, pick up SON OF THE SHADOWS now!

  16. OMG I didn’t realize the Giver was a series either until recently. I don’t even know if I want to finish it. I want to keep it how I remember it! haha

  17. Okay, so I highly recommend finishing the Chronicles of Narnia series. I admit, Lewis can get a bit heavy-handed with the religious parallels towards the end, but it’s definitely worth it! I, too, tried and failed at reading the Lord of the Rings series. I just had a very hard time with it when I was younger and never really thought to go back. I suppose the movies are enough to keep me happy.

    The Giver is a series? Really? Wow. I didn’t know that.

  18. I’ve only ever read Anne of Green Gables, too. I want to read the rest of them, but never have. This weeks TTT is sort of frustrating because I keep coming across books that I want to read. There is just not enough time in the day! Grr.

    Here’s my TTT

  19. I have The Giver on my list too. I love Jennifer Donnelly’s other books but never read this series-running to the library now! I agree with your thoughts on Juliet Marillier-I read her 12 Dancing Princess tale and loved it! Must read more.
    Thanks for a thoughtful list.

  20. I’ve never made it pass page 120 of the fellowship of the ring, lol
    And I’m, like, in page 25 of The Tea Rose. 😛 I thought I would love the book but the font is tiny and the book is so long.

    I did read the original trilogy of Sevenwaters but I haven’t read the other books, 😛 and I can’t wait to read more of Anne but I decided I wanna buy the bookset first 😀

  21. I just finished Son of the Shadows and I liked it as much as Daughter of the Forest. So great to be back at Sevenwaters! I LOVE the Anne of Green Gables series. Though I read it ages ago, I hope I’d still feel the same today. However the latter ones are about Anne’s children so veer off a bit. The first three are the best. I read Narnia a few years ago after only reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe as a child and really enjoyed the set.

  22. So many good books on this list for you to read – it almost makes me want to get out my classics and start rereading them all again. I especially recommend Rilla of Ingleside, the final book in the Anne of Green Gables series.

    Great list – thanks for sharing!

  23. Oh I loved Redwall years ago. I remember there being tons of them though, so I’ve read a number but then got distracted by other books. I also haven’t finished the Chronicles of Narnia, but that’s a series I have no interest in finishing. You should finish up with Lord of the Rings and Gemma Doyle, definitely!

  24. I LOVE the Gemma Doyle Trilogy and Lord of the Rings. You MUST read those as you are definitely missing out. I haven’t read The Hobbit yet and I haven’t read the last two books of The Chronicles of Narnia either and I didn’t enjoy Redwall enough to read past the first two, but I do want to finish up Narnia and The Hobbit soon – especially with the upcoming release of the movie! Anyway, brilliant top ten this week! 😀

  25. Mel@thedailyprophecy says

    The seven waters <3 I'm so happy to see it on a list! They don't get as much as attention as they deserve. They are SO good. I can't wait for the new book 🙂

    My TTT.

  26. NARNIA!

    You’ll finish that in no time.

  27. I never finished the Chronicles of Narnia either. I read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and adored then I started reading the rest of the series and eventually got bored because the main characters kept changing and it made me sad.