I Hereby Confess: 10 Confessions Of A Bookworm

As a bibliophile, I totally have my own quirks when it comes to reading and books. I am sure that we’ve all got them, weird little things we sheepishly admit to.

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10 Confessions Of A Bookworm

I Do Hereby Confess:

1. I ignore due dates. I know, I know. Yet, I rationalize this by saying that since I am happily paying the overdue fee in full with no complaint and taking responsibility for my actions, my extra money helps the library a little bit. Sigh. I AM SO AWFUL!

2. If a book has an animal in it, or more specifically a dog, I automatically feel a pit of dread in my stomach. Seriously, some books I just want to shove in the freezer because I am convinced the dog will die and I’m just not up for being emotionally manipulated.

3. When I begin a series in one format, I have to continue it in that format — i.e. audiobooks. However, this rule totally changes for re-reads. I am perfectly content to re-read series books via audio.

4. Every morning after I shower and have brewed a cup in my Keurig, I immediately hop on the computer and check Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deal. Usually, I do not end up buying what is on sale.

5. I hoard Audible credits the same way that dragons hoard gold. Seriously, I probably spend more actual money buying audiobooks on sale than I do on my listener plan — the one where you get 2 credits a month. I almost always have 12 credits in my account at a time, only using them just before my next 2 credits come in.

6. Break my book spines and I will imagine breaking your face. <3

7. Whenever I read in public, I feel a tiny bit of dread at having to explain the plot of my books at the inevitable, what’s it about question. ‘Oh you see this girl is like totally bland right, she thinks she is just the worst. Inexplicably these two dudes want to get in her pants. I KNOW. And of course, one guy is like totally perfect but a wet blanket, I kind of prefer the other. OH OH and they are mythical creatures.’ SEE! SEE! I have a case of dread, y’all.

8. You know how I’m always texting on my phone? Actually I’m totally reading Netgalley books with the Kindle app.

9. I get super irritated when my boyfriend tells me to clean my stacks of books off the floor. Yo, those are totally there for a picture for um, a readathon or a mailbox thing so buzz off. I will put them in a better location when I am done. JEEZ.

10. I am actually irrationally terrified that we will fall through the upstairs floor into the downstairs and die a horrid death because of the weight of all of the books I own. Like, this is a real actual phobia that I have and get real actual panic attacks that start me in a culling frenzy. I wish I was joking, but I’m not.

Are you weird or, as I prefer to say ‘quirky’ like me? Let me know in the comments and feel free to drop a link to your Top Ten Tuesday Post.

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April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.
About April (Books&Wine)

April is in her 30s and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. April always has a book on hand. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and toddler, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.


  1. Hahaha @ #10. Thank god my books are now on the main floor or this thought would totally haunt me from here on out. Wait, I guess my books could fall into the basement. Shit.

    One time, my (now) husband and I were moving from the East Coast of Canada back to the West Coast and he actually make me lift up every.single.box of books I had packed to see which boxes were the heaviest. The 10 heaviest came in the truck with us because hubby didn’t want to pay the movers to ship them across the country! Seriously.

    • Eeeeep. I think I would just prefer to keep all of my books in the basement or in a house where there is no basement and the ground floor is actually on the ground.

      LOL, I am glad my boyfriend won’t make me lift up boxes of books because lol if I was to lift them I’d probably drop them and we’d have to pack them all over again. However, it is kind of smart to keep the heavy ones with you.

  2. #6 is me too. I’m very particular about my books. I remember I lent a book to a friend once and received it in tatters-the spine was cracked, she had dog-eared pages, it was awful. Never shared any books with here again!

  3. I am terrible at keeping spines pristine. (I rarely borrow from friends because of this). I don’t know how people keep them looking so good. I’m jealous.

    I don’t exactly ignore due dates, but I do renew repeatedly like a mofo.

    I love your list.

  4. #7 for the win. I am also filled with dread at answering the innocent question – what’s your book about? And #3 too- I get caught off guard at the thought of switching from book to audio or vice versa midway through a series.
    Thanks for sharing your bookish confessions!

  5. I do the same thing with animals! I just *know* something is going to happen and I prepare myself for it. Yes, to #6. I hate spine breakers! And, I’m soooo happy that I’m not the only one that hates explaining the plot of the book I’m reading. Ugh…they give you this look that you know means ‘this girl is crazy’. I hate it lol. Fabulous list, April!

  6. #6, #7 and #8 are so funny. Hate people asking what I’m reading. Plot generally sounds ridiculous and I feel like a fool.

  7. Don’t read The Knife of Never Letting Go, if you haven’t already. Just saying.

    I think probably that before the floor actually collapsed the walls would start cracking, which is easy to watch for….and the lack of cracks (if in fact there are no cracks) might be reassuring…

  8. I have #2 as well – but mainly for cats.

  9. I particularly love number 4 on your list. I check the Kindle Daily Deals every morning while I am having breakfast. It is like a ritual for me.

    I also get #7 which is why I’m glad that I mostly read books on my Kindle now. Especially if I’m reading YA paranormal romance. Don’t know why I should feel embarrassed about that but maybe because I’m in my 30s or the book sounds lame when I describe it even if it isn’t…

  10. Funny list!

    Regarding number two, have you read No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman. It is about a kid who refuses to read this book for school because he is sick of the dog dying!

  11. Here’s mine: http://www.onstarshipsanddragonwings.com/2012/08/28/top-ten-bookish-confessions/

    I have decided that I must never borrow books from you, given that your spine breaking and my spine breaking confessions are very conflicting xD I can’t help it! I don’t understand how you magical people read the small paper backs!

  12. I totally relate with the plot question! I’m terrible at describing books, and sometimes the plots in YA reads do me no favors. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. *grin*

  14. This has probably been the only few weeks I have been good at renewing books, but I pretty much do the same thing and also rationalize that I’m giving money toward the library.

    My husband and I also joke the library police are going to come looking for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. I’m with you on #6. I hate spine breakers! Annoyingly my little sister is like the worst spine breaker in the world. She actually deliberately trashes books. I swear my Mum found her under a bush, a weird spine breaking bush lol.

    As for #10 I do the exact same thing, although I do tend to go with “the house will fall down if I take the books out – they’re holding it up” line ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I don’t so much ignore due dates as sometimes forget them. Reason #1 I wish I was working in a library is that you can totally waive your finds. That’s the best perk ever. Props for you for paying them happily.

    Animals in books. I feel this too. ESPECIALLY AFTER READING ORIGIN, BLACK CITY AND THE DARK UNWINDING. I haven’t quite read them back to back, but three books where cute animals die in just a couple weeks. I just want to go yell at all of the authors to not even fucking dare!

    6. YES. Either I’ll break your face or make you buy me a new copy. Or, you know, BOTH.

    Oh man. I totally understand that dread. People always ask me what are you reading right now. And I’m all “oh, it’s a book about a mermaid and how she thinks this dude is the sexy.” Umm, pardon me while I go curl up and die of embarrassment when you think I love this book and I’m hating it. AHHHH.

    My Top Ten Bookish Things

  17. LOL, OMG, I totally relate to most of those!! #9 happened to me this past weekend. My husband asked me why I had a pile of books on the floor and when I was going to put them away…LOL, I just told him to chill, I have to take a picture!

    BTW, I also dread #7… especially when it takes so much to explain! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great post!

  18. Ha! Is that a Friends reference I see in there? Or am I just weird now?

    I agree with #1. Whenever I pay my fines I considerate it a nice donation to the library and just move on. And #7. I hate trying to explain the plots of some of the books I read. They always sound ridiculous when I explain them out loud! And I hate having to defend them and explain how they are “really, totally awesome, I swear!” It’s just bad.

  19. I can’t handle animals dying in books… I just can’t do it. We share a lot of the same things you listed above!

  20. I’m the same with due dates…

    As for dogs? Have you read Barbara O’Neal? All of her books have Dogs AND happy endings!! (I was hesitant to read her first… for much the same reason.)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  21. Yay. I’m with you on #7.

  22. I am EXACTLY the same about the Amazon Daily Deal. The only difference is I don’t do Keurig because I drink too much coffee. I also almost never buy it. But before 5:20 am, I can tell you and everyone else what it is!! LIKE DEATH AND TAXES. Don’t screw up my morning routine, family. We all have our priorities in this house!

  23. Plain and simple: I love this list. SO, SO much. And yes… the whole breaking the spine thing — NO BUENO. Respect book spines, people.

  24. HA, I don’t like telling relatives or friends of relatives what my book is about. “So, I heard you published a book (self pubbed, don’t get excited), what’s it about?”
    “Um, it’s about…werewolves…”
    “Yeah, I really like paranormal stuff, so I thought I’d try writing about it…”

    It’s kind of embarassing trying to explain what my book is about to my in law’s 60 year old neighbor…but then she turns around and says something like “oh, my son’s friend’s neighbor’s daughter in law wrote a book like that….” lol!

  25. Ohh I didn’t realize it until you just said it, but I totally should have included that on my list — I always read around family & friends, but I HATE when they ask what the book is about. If they ask me what I’m reading, I usually just hold up the cover for them. It’s part “I’m reading, don’t bother me” and part “It’s a weird plot and you’re going to give me a weird look when I try to describe it” and a little bit “there’s no way I can sum this up in one sentence so be prepared to listen to a minute-long summary”.

  26. My top ten post would be basically the same as yours if I made one. I TOTALLY rationalize getting overdue fees by saying that I’m supporting the library!!!! BAHAHAHAHA!

  27. I agree with the animals in books bit. I dont understand why the pets get killed off so easily, and its not just a random sidebar for me. I will totally dwell on it. “Yeah, I really liked that book to start with, but killing off the family dog totally ruined the entire book for me.”

    Here are my bookish confessions

  28. Ahahahah so with you on the dog thing! MANCHEEEEEEEEEEE!

  29. Ahahahah! I love your confessions, April. Way to make me laugh. We are very similar in our views of library due dates and spine breaking, I see… I like to think of library fines as taxes that support reading. And I’m totally okay with paying them.

    Great post – thanks for sharing!

  30. #7 is WAY TOO TRUE. I hate that awkward moment of trying to explain. I just want to not do it at all lol.

  31. Girl, your confessions are hilarious… and I couldn’t agree more! I’m pretty sure I’ve funded several shelves of books at the library due to my abundance of late fees. I wonder if I can write them off on my taxes as a library donation? And I can’t STAND when people ask me what my book’s about. I’m a) no good at summarizing and b) afraid of that “huh?” look they give me when I tell them “Yeah, it’s about this girl who meets a vampire and stop looking at me like that it’s not f-ing Twilight!” So… I try to avoid reading in public. Oh, and I keep my books on the first floor…. JUST IN CASE!

  32. I will so break the face of anyone who breaks my spines. I legitimately defriended someone IRL for it. Call me petty, but I do not care. Not the kind of person I want to be friends with.

    And OH MAN, do I ever hate explaining the plots of books. I mean, seriously. I go through enough trouble removing the dust jacket or strategically trying to shield the cover (if it’s a paranormal romance or something, CRINGE) and people are all “oh, hey. What’s that you’re reading?” Worst ever. I usually end it with, “oh, nothing good. HEY WHAT IS THAT PERSON DOING OVER THERE ACROSS THE STREET?”

  33. My favorite quirk you mentioned, and one we share, is having random piles of books scattered around. There are quite a few of those in our apartment, and while my roomies have not yet complained, I’m sure they will soon. I try to keep them stacked attractively (like in a particular shape or something) so that it still seem aesthetically pleasing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. Hah, your list made me laugh, April. I freaking hate it when people break my spines, too! WHO RAISED YOU? *huffs*

    This reminds me, I need to download the Kindle app for my phone, too.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  35. Whew, you got some anxieties on here! I share #7, either because I’m reading something pop-culturey like whatever YA book I have out from the library, or something like Steinbeck that I’m afraid will make me look like a snob.

    I broke the spine on my own “Prisoner of Azkaban” and still haven’t replaced it. ๐Ÿ™ It’s a token of how much I loved it!

  36. YES to #2! There have been a few books where I couldn’t care less about the characters well-being, but I was praying that a puppy would end up all right. And I can relate to #7, too. I got a few weird looks when I read Killer Pizza in public and no one seemed to believe me when I told them it was actually a really good book! haha

  37. hahahahahah OMG we are like twins.. I swear.. I busted up laughing reading this whole thing!
    side note to authors — LEAVE THE POOR ANIMALS ALONE!!!!! * bawls at thought*

  38. Oh gosh, I HATE trying to explain to people what I’m reading! I can’t for the life of me give a decent summary and people just stare at me funny. If I want to recommend a book now I just shove it at the person with the message to just go read it themselves.
    And seriously, I get really mad about the spinecrackers I make the mistake of lending my books to… I’m contemplating just giving away my Hunger Games trilogy and getting a new set that’s not all beat up because of this.
    And animals dying: BREAKS MY HEART!
    Love your list!

  39. Hilarious list! Love it! I can understand about the boyfriend complaining about books everywhere, mine does it too and it drives me bonkers when he moves them, and #3 is the reason why I haven’t yet read Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver; the audiobook hasn’t come into my library yet. Here’s mine: http://whatsontheshelf.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/top-ten-tuesday-20/

  40. I find it hilarious that so many of us have number 1 on our list ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think a lot of you might hate me for my number 6 though! *looks around nervously*

    Great list – this Top Ten has been so much fun!

    Here are my bookish confessions!

  41. I also dread the “what is it about” questions when I read in public. And it never fails, it’s always a book that I can’t describe correctly. It sounds stupid when I try and explain it. Why can’t I ever be reading a classic in public that people have heard of?! haha. Thanks for stopping by!

  42. Ahahahahaha I’m so happy to see a fellow quirky person! I have the same dread of reading in public. Especially if it is naughty book or it looks like it could be a naughty book. Once I took ‘Good in Bed’ by Jennifer Weiner to school with me (a while back in High School) and I got teased by a couple people even though I tried to explain to them what the book is about! It’s not about sex or whatever. GAH! lol

  43. As long as you don’t complain about fines when you return them, I don’t care if you ignore library due dates! Go ahead, read away.

  44. Great list! I do a lot of these, too, although I forgot to mention them on my post! I’m horrible with library fees; I don’t think I can ever keep the poor thing at $0.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  45. #2 and #8 are totally me, as well

    I was reading a kids book about a cat with the girls I watch and by the end I was in tears. It was in support of humane societies and whatnot but it was so incredibly sad what the cat went through before it was adopted by the author.

    I was actually upset that the author would create such blatant propaganda, because the kids werent affected but the adults who read with them would most likely react the way I had

    As for #8, I totally did this on a double date with family friends. The friends thought I was texting but my husband knew better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Ah! That is totally a scary thought about falling through the floor!!

    Thanks for stopping by mine. I enjoyed reading your confessions =D

  47. I have enough books that they may one day crash down onto the apartment below us… I get that.
    I too dread the plot question. I am not good at discussing my plots before they are done and I am brutal at giving spoilers.
    Love the list!

  48. Robyn @ Robolobolyn's Universe says

    I love numbers 7, 9 and 10! As for number one, about ignoring due dates… I do that too. I didn’t think to add it to my list, but it really should be there.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  49. I can’t handle animals in books, either … ESPECIALLY dogs, since I’m a huge dog lover.

    And I’m also scared that the books I own will go crashing through the floor one day! Sucks to be the car in the garage if that happens …

    Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. haha I love this list so much! I’m the same way with that feeling of dread when books have dogs. I try to avoid books with animals. I can’t handle it if they die. and number 6! I agree completely. Thanks for stopping by my Top Ten! ๐Ÿ˜€

  51. Oh my God, I’m the same with #2. I’m TERRIFIED to read books with animals on them, just in case. And #10 is brilliant, hahaha. Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. At least by ignoring due dates, you are actually helping out the library. That’s a positive way to think about it. Although I haven’t read books in too many formats, I totally agree with #3. If I read the ebook of the first book in the series, then I need to buy (and read) the second in that format. I also prefer that my series are all paperback or all hardcover or whatnot.

  53. Totally with you on the animal/dog thing! And I’m the same way with explaining book plots. I kind of suck at it.

  54. I’ve never heard of anyone suffering death from falling via heavy books. But I will now irrationally be afraid of this with you. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I am the worst at explaining the plot of what I’m reading. I was trying to explain what one of my favorite books (Sweethearts by Sara Zarr) is about to my husband. His response? “that sounds really dumb” Fail.

  55. YES TO 6!! I am so neurotic about that, seriously. I also try to hide what I read in public, haha, or take off the dust jacket to make it seem less noticeable.

  56. I’m the same way, with number six! Along with numbers 3 & 7 as well.

  57. Those are great confessions! I think I’m guilty of several of them too! LOL

  58. Three and nine. I hate it when I have a series, doesn’t matter how big or small, and they don’t all match up. My Carrie Ryan trilogy bugs me because the first book is slightly shorter than the others. DRIVES ME CRAZY. They must match. And my boyfriend is constantly going around moving books against my wishes. Or trying to anyway.

  59. I love your description for number 7. I’m LOL’ng here as my co workers shoot me glances.

  60. Totes agree with due dates and dogs

  61. LOL. Love your admissions and I am so bad about due dates too. I swear I try but somehow always forget to renew or return and end up paying more in fines than if I just went and bought the darn books.

  62. You crack me up! I have actually bought a set of Harry Potter paperbacks because I will not lend out my hardcovers. I would kill. KILL I SAY! So really it’s just best for everyone that I have paperbacks that can be abused however others see fit.

    I just blew five Audible credits today and thought of this post! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It always feels like I’m taking a risk. I did purchase Gone Girl on your rec though. Out of curiosity, how do you feel about book covers? It could totally wipe out #7…..or just make people pester you more.

  63. LOL @ 7.

    I am so with you on the animal one. seriously, they just scream Plot Device in a painful way…

    I have strategic piles of books around, too. I even try to go through them often to see what can go back on the shelf, but they are all out and piled for specific reason