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Welcome to my weekly roundup of AWESOME. Inspired by Best Week Ever on VH1, the Seal Of Awesome has links to some of the best posts from book blogosphere over last week.


Seal Of Awesome


Heaven, Hell, And Purgatory Book Reviews examines Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly, ‘Andi’s obsession with/ love for music was so beautifully written and I could feel everything that she was in this aspect’

‘Brilliant it might be, but it also redefines the word bleak’ Allison at The Allure Of Books reviewed The Long Walk by Stephen King, who is totally awesome, BTW!

I love it when people love books that I love. Jacinda at Reading Housewives Of Indiana reviews Sea by Heidi R. Kling and describes her memory of learning about the tsunami.

“Let’s start with Tiny Cooper! Never in my life have a read a more dynamic character.”  In which Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner reviews Will Grayson, Will Grayson on audiobook by John Green and David Levithan and LOVES IT. YAYY!!

Ginger at GReads! says Graffiti Moon is the BEST contemporary book she’s read all year. ‘I never felt lost in a jumble of words, wondering what does that even mean?  It all made perfect sense.  Perfect, lustrous, UNBELIEVABLE sense.’


Michelle at Galleysmith shares a wicked awesome idea for whittling down your TBR, The List of Ten. 

Do you have a favorite 2011 Debut? A favorite 2011 debut cover? Couple? Nominate your favorites at The Story Siren!

Hey remember that time The Hunger Games trailer was released and everyone went nuts? Forever Young Adult turns it up to 11 with their Highly Scientific Analysis of The Hunger Games Trailer.

Breaking Dawn is the greatest theater experience Tahleen has ever had and will ever have.

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  1. You are too kind! I’m really enjoying the response on the List of Ten. I hope I don’t fail miserably, LOL.

  2. that list of ten thing is the SHIZ. utilizing that stat.

  3. Thanks for the seal, woman! I just wish it came in a patch/pin version so we could wear it proudly, i.e. brag a lot.

  4. yay for showing the Stephen King love!

  5. Whenever I get a seal of awesome from you or a tweet endorsing something I wrote on the blog.. I feel like I won a freaking Grammy or some highly coveted award that means I can trash hotels and drink $1000 bottles of alcohol and shit!

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