The Dragon’s Eye: Dragonology Chronicles Vol. 1 by Dugald A. Steer Audiobook Review

The Dragon’s Eye by Dugald A. Steer is the first in The Dragonology Chronicles series, a middle grade historical fantasy. Daniel and Beatrice are twelve year old siblings who receive disappointing news. Their parents will not be summering with them in England, and instead will be in India on business. The siblings are shipped off to stay with Dr. Drake, whom they discover is a dragonologist – meaning he studies dragons. Danger arises and they must find the dragon eye jewel, a precious and powerful artifact to the Dragonology society, before the evil Ignatius Crook does.

The Dragon's Eye by Dugald Steer Book Cover

The Dragon's Eye

The Dragon’s Eye is a quick read. However, I felt it was rather cliched. The villain, Ignatius Crook was not complex at all. I mean the dude is legit evil with no backstory and no redeeming qualities. Very much the twirl your mustache sort of baddie. To be completely honest, each character felt stock to me from Daniel – the intrepid, brave young boy, Beatrice who is courageous, but still girly, and to Dr. Drake who is your typical professor/scientist with a soft spot for children. It’s unfortunate, but I felt that this book didn’t really add anything new to the genre.

James Clamp narrates the audiobook for The Dragon’s Eye. He is fantastic at first, but then the uber Britishness kind of got old.  I mean it just felt SUPER exaggerated. Maybe that kind of thing works for children with short attention spans though. This is a relatively short audio – it’s only 5 hours and 22 minutes long. Brilliance Audio is the producer. I do not think I will continue on with this series, however, I would actually recommend this for younger fantasy fans who haven’t quite gotten their feet wet in the genre.

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  1. This good is GREAT! I could not put it down and finished it in a matter of hours! I found the characters interesting. Wonder why you found ignatius a twirly beard kind-of guy. I found him more of a mad scientist, greedy man type deal going on.


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