Christmas is here bringing good cheer!

I saw Book Chick City had a post on her Christmas film favorites, and at the end she asked what everyone’s favorites are, and I thought I would write a response on the blog, as her post has inspired me to do so!

My top ten Christmas films/specials:

1. It’s A Wonderful Life
Why?: I can remember staying up on the wee hours of Christmas eve as a pre-teen watching TV in my room because I’m too excited to sleep, since omg I might finally get the Wal-Mart version of whatever is cool that year, oh everyone’s getting gigapets? Yeah, well I’d get a alien-handheld pet thing. Anyways, I can remember flipping the channels and randomly stopping on It’s a Wonderful Life. I was glued and unable to change the channel, not sure why I got so hooked, probably because It’s A Wonderful Life is about much more than Christmas. Anyways fast forward to the next year at Thanksgiving, and my mom was watching it on TV that night, again I was glued, and soon the film became cemented as one of my favorites. I cry at the ending when they sing Angels We Have Heard On High and the little girl goes, teacher says everytime a bell rings, an angel gets it’s wings. Oh man, do I love It’s A Wonderful Life!!!

2. A Charlie Brown Christmas
Why? Again, this is a movie where I cry every time. I think it really nails the Christmas season, and why maybe there are more important things than presents. It’s literally perfection, I never get bored during this special, I love the music. The characters are meaningful. Also, is there a person out there who has never felt as glum as Charlie Brown? I don’t think so. I think we can all relate.

3. A Garfield Christmas
Why? This special does not get as much love as it deserves. Basically, Jon, Garfield, and Odie go to Jon’s family’s farm for the holidays. You meet some great characters including Gramma who is melancholic because her dead husband loved Christmas and the children. Anyways there are rousing musical numbers, touching moments, and again it tugs at my heart strings.

4. The Muppet Christmas Carol
Why? “There goes Mr. Humbug, There goes Mr. Scrooge.” First of all, Gonzo is our narrator, and Rizzo has awesome lines. Second, the music! Third, it’s the muppets plus Charles Dickens. Fourth, Kermit is Bob Cratchett. Fifth, I truly am a child at heart.

5. A Christmas Story
Why? The quotable scenes, I seriously could probably whip an applicable quote from this film to many aspects of this holiday season, i.e. being unable to pull my self away from the cheap glow of electric sex in the window, the f-dash dash dash word, sons of bitches! bumpuses!
Every time I watch this movie, I laugh. Hard. Raise your hand if you’ve never had the pleasure of a bar of soap in your mouth. Yeah, I definitely have tasted soap, it ain’t pretty. If you have had soap, I bet you’ve had the that’ll teach them soap-poisoning fantasy. Yes, Ralphie I can relate to you and your curse words.

6. Christmas Vacation
Why? I only saw Christmas Vacation for the first time last year, and it has become an instant favorite. From the opening song, to the opening scene featuring Clark’s road rage (oh they must have based that off of the way I drive) to the very end when Clark says what he really thinks of his boss and Cousin Eddie takes what Clark says to heart. Again, this film is filled with memorable scenes, such as the sledding scene, and any scene with Aunt Bethany, “Grace? She passed away 30 years ago”

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  1. Juju at Tales of says

    Fun list πŸ˜€

  2. Great list! I'm a big fan of It's A Wonderful Life, Charlie Brown Christmas and Garfield Christmas!

  3. Thanks for sharing your favorites. I think I've seen most of them.

  4. Jen (Devourer of Books) says

    How pathetic is it that I've never seen "It's a Wonderful Life"?

    I have to say, though, I hate "The Christmas Story." I never loved it, but I think the 24 hour marathons are what caused me to feel stabby whenever I see it now.

  5. You've hit most of my favorites.
    1. Muppet Christmas Carol
    2. White Christmas
    3. A Christmas Story
    4. It's A Wonderful Life
    5. A Charlie Brown Christmas.

    Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas.
    I'll be looking for your YA reviews in the new year.

  6. Love A Charlie Brown Christmas! πŸ™‚

  7. When I was little I used to watch Charlie Brown all the time,now I want to watch it again!! =)

  8. ~The Book Pixie says

    Yipee for #'s 1, 2, and 5. Hmmmm, I've never seen a Garfield Christmas but I bet it is good. πŸ˜€ Great picks.


  9. Classics! It wouldn't be Christmas without Charlie Brown, Clark Griswald and Ralphie! Christmas Vacation is my favorite, probably because I have a lot of family like that! We always have to watch a Christmas Story marathon as we wrap presents the 25th. Great list!

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