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I think the thing about Jill Shalvis’s books is that they are like Pringles, you can’t have just one. Reading multiple books from a series in a row one right after another is a luxury for me. I do not often do it because I have extreme TBR pile guilt, and if it’s from a series I did not get for review? Forget about it! Yet, after finishing the first Lucky Harbor book, Simply Irresistible, I wrote my review and cracked open The Sweetest Thing, ready to return to the gorgeous setting and see what’s going on with my new favorite group of sisters. Friends, I really LOVED The Sweetest Thing, probably even more than Simply Irresistible (I KNOW!)

The Sweetest Thing by Jill Shalvis | Good Books And Good Wine

As you may recall, the first book of Lucky Harbor was about Maddie, the middle sister, and how she got close to older sister Tara and younger sister Chloe and fell for Jax. The Sweetest Thing focuses on a different sister, Tara and continues the overarching storyline from Simply Irresistible regarding the inn, but could still be read as a standalone. In this book, Tara finds herself dealing with her past – first when it comes to Ford who knocked her up and who she still finds herself undeniably attracted to. Second, when it comes to what happened to Tara’s baby, now a seventeen year old girl. Third, she’s also dealing with her ex-husband Logan who has come to Lucky Harbor to win her back. Girl has got a ton of things going on you guys and she is basically my favorite of the three sisters thus far.

Tara is a total type A personality and you guys I love it. She’s bossy and responsible and clearly has older child syndrome – so as you may or may not know, I could totally relate to her personality being the oldest child myself. I loved her love of cooking. I loved her vulnerability when it came to her daughter and her hesitation about whether she is a good mom or not. The main character of The Sweetest Thing comes across as a totally strong woman and you guys, I love when romance portrays females who are totally in charge and in control. That’s kind of a nice change from shy, meek, and submissive. So yeah, Tara is my ideal main character.

The love interest Ford, mmmm girl, grab your towel cuz you might just need a cold shower after reading. He has quite the history with Tara, including that whole having a baby with her when they were teenagers. He’s not had an easy life and has had to work for everything that he has. Nothing has just been handed to him. Just as Tara is strong and in control, Ford is also just as tenacious. They are literally the perfect match, you guys. And I don’t know, I guess I just find confidence very appealing, so I quite liked the love interest in Jill Shalvis’s The Sweetest Thing.

The sort of romance in The Sweetest Thing is one where the characters go from hating each other to loving each other and of course they are trying to fight their feelings and as a reader, I am like come onnnnn there’s no need for that GIVE IN! And you know, my feelings are a jumble of run-on sentences. If you like good in the sack sorts of scenes, you’re going to love The Sweetest Thing by Jill Shalvis and you guys I can’t get more words to come out of my brain on The Sweetest Thing, so just trust that if you liked Simply Irresistible, you will like this one too.

Disclosure: Purchased My Own Copy

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  1. I loved this review. It was just the perfect lenght. ANYWAY, I have read one Jill Shalvis book (Simply Irresistible) which I liked, but didn’t feel any huge desire to pick up anything else by Shalvis. But I keep seeing all these positive reviews for her books, so clearly I need to read more.

    I like a strong, type A, heroiine who isn’t all meek. Although I also like a heroine that is shy, because I can totally relate to that. Tara seems like a really interesting character, though.

  2. Haha, it’s true! You can never get enough Jill Shalvis books. I was exactly the same way about these books. I had to read this one immediately after finishing Simply Irresistible. I wound up liking it more than the first, and I loved Head Over Heels even more than either! I look forward to your thoughts on it. 🙂
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