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I seem to be making my way through the Scary School series strictly through the October iteration of the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. This time around, I’ve read the third of the Scary School books: The Northern Frights by ‘Derek The Ghost.’ I will spare you the ghost writing puns this time even though it still kind of cracks me up and just tell you a bit about the book instead. First off, you can definitely read these books out of order and still be able to understand what is going on. I still have not read book one, Scary School. I’ve only read the second and third in the series and feel pretty confident that if you were to randomly pick up one of these books you’d be able to understand what is going on.

The Northern Frights by Derek The Ghost | Good Books And Good Wine

In this third book, The Northern Frights, there is a visitor to the Scary School, Principal Meltington, from Scream Academy. He is looking for a delegation of human kids to visit his school as exchange students. Luckily, he finds a few worthy kids including my favorites Charles Nukid, Petunia AND a new girl named Lattie who is a ninja and basically awesome. The exchange students are the first humans to attend Scream Academy since Principal Headcrusher. This Scream Academy is a school that really celebrates monsters, so getting picked to go isn’t exactly the prize you might think it is. Anyways, while there the students encounter a Headless Horseman, a cranky yeti, trolls, and more. Unfortunately, there’s a pissed off ice dragon who wants to attack the school and it’s up to the Scary School kids to save every one.

I will forever and always mention pictures when I come across them. You guys, if you have kids who liked say, The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books because of the pictures, they might enjoy the Scary School books. The pictures are pretty much sketches and they are fun to look at. They add a whole new, neat level to the story. Scott M. Fischer is the illustrator of these books and he continues to do a great job in The Northern Frights, so props to him for some fun pictures. As someone who was reading this book during a readathon I literally got excited whenever I came across a page that was a full illustration.

The Northern Frights is a quick read that is creative and fun. I think that it is a perfect book for fall, as you know, we celebrate Halloween in the fall and what better way to celebrate than monsters? Also, there’s a lot of horror references that as an adult were fun to spot. They are like Easter eggs, my friends. Scary School 3: The Northern Frights is a book I would recommend to elementary school boys and girls – it’s hilarious with a snappy plot.

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