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Why Did I Listen To This Book?

When you are making big huge life changes and are in a state of CONSTANT BUSY, you do not want to read Proust or Tolstoy, instead, chances are you want something fun and light. Friends, I decided to listen to The Tao Of Martha by Jen Lancaster because aside from it being offered, I had read Lancaster’s books before with great results – as in belly laughs, as in reading the parts out loud because they are so funny. I really appreciate Lancaster’s self-deprecating humor and so, I knew that her latest audiobook would be just the ticket as I packed up my possessions. Clearly, this audiobook was one of my better life choices.

The Tao Of Martha by Jen Lancaster | Good Books And Good Wine

What Is The Tao Of Martha About?

The thing about Jen Lancaster’s books is that they are usually memoirs where she challenges herself to do something and learns life lessons along with way with some hilarious results. Like, I read My Fair Lazy a few years ago and in that book she tries to watch less reality TV and do more high brow activities. It was AWESOME. In The Tao Of Martha: My Year Of Living Or Why I’m Never Getting All That Glitter Off of the Dog, Lancaster decides to spend the year trying to be more like Martha Stewart – meaning that she’s going to get organized, crafty and do some homemaker type things. Y’all, I loved how funny this book was – especially when she talks about candy ratios and being unable to get them right as well as an Easter egg hunt turned bloodbath. I loved it. Lancaster has a lot of respect for Martha Stewart, and you know, after reading this book, I think I do too.

Let’s Talk About The Emotional Feels?

Okay, so besides hysterical laughter – there were actually some really sad moments. Those of you who are softhearted regarding dogs should be cautious going into The Tao Of Martha. I will admit, there were certain scenes that left me tearing up and I was all, hey this should not be happening. It was just so touching and sad and emotional and totally unexpected. Straight up, Lancaster’s love for her dog totally shines through in this book and it’s something that you can’t miss.

How’s The Narration?

The Tao of Martha was my first time listening to a book narrated by Jen Lancaster. Typically, I read her books in physical form. So obviously this was a different experience. Honestly, I think the book translates to audio form quite well. I still laughed out loud. It was a good format to experience the book with, as it made packing and driving back and forth multiple times go by very, very quickly. The audiobook is a relatively fast listen, so if you get bored it’s not like you are stuck for 30 hours. Instead, The Tao Of Martha clocks in at 8 hours and 56 minutes. It’s produced by Penguin Audio and yo, I have zero complaints here about the production values.

Sum It Up With A GIF:

Jon Stewart Etsy GIF

LOLOLOL, funny plus crafting = this book!

Disclosure: Received for review via publisher.

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  1. Have you read any other Jen Lancaster books? I absolutely adore her! She’s got such a way with words and fantastic self-depreciating humor that keeps me rolling. The Tao of Martha was fantastic and so damn funny!

  2. This sounds like just my sort of audiobook! I really enjoyed Bossypants and How To Be a Woman as audiobooks and am pretty sure that funny memoir + audiobook is generally going to be a combination I like đŸ™‚

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