Mistletoe & Margaritas Shannon Stacey Audiobook Review

As it is December, I feel it is my duty to spread Christmas cheer by writing reviews for all the nearby holiday books. Y’all, I am so excited that I can buy Christmas books and not be ashamed because they are out of season. Now, Mistletoe & Margaritas by Shannon Stacey is an audiobook novella that I obtained for free on Audible because they were doing a Christmas in July promotion where members got to choose a free Christmas-themed listen. Obviously, I went for Mistletoe & Margaritas because hello, CUTE cover and omgADORBS romance! Plus, it was a super low risk way to try out Shannon Stacey, an author I’ve been more than curious about. Y’all, this was an awesome listen during the Dewey 24 Hour Marathon!

Mistletoe & Margaritias Shannon Stacey Book Cover

Claire Rutledge lost her husband two years ago, and by lost I mean, he pretty much died. But, she’s still a romantic. She still believes love is possible. She starts having these sexy dreams which she takes as a sign that it’s time to get laid and move on from her loss. Justin McCormick has been in love with Claire for pretty much FOREVER, only his best friend kind of married her first. Yet, there’s a chemistry between Claire and Justin and you guys it totally comes to a crescendo at this holiday party and you can bet there’s some sexytimes so you need to put headphones on during those parts or make sure you are listening around people who don’t mind those parts.

Friends, Mistletoe & Margaritas had one of my favorite types of romance tropes — fighting the undeniable attraction. Like, Justin does not want to hook up with Claire or anything because hello, she’s his dead best friend’s widow. Still, he can’t deny his attraction. And Claire, well she also fights it at first but nothing can stop their magnetism to each other. AND OMG IT IS SWOONWORTHY. Plus, the sexytimes are not awful, but like I said if you are listening to this you need to wear headphones.

If you’ve got a relatively short commute and looking for a low commitment audiobook, I highly recommend the audio version of the Mistletoe & Margaritas novella. Legit, it only takes 2 hours and 4 minutes to listen to in whole. It is narrated by MacLeod Andrews who has a rather pleasant, soothing voice. He narrates in an unvoiced fashion — which means that there aren’t voices for all of the characters, but it’s fine because it doesn’t sound creepy or awkward when he does the voice of Claire. It’s just a guy telling a story and is easy to listen to. I was never taken out of the story by weird falsetto or anything. THANK GOODNESS. So yeah, looking for a quick holiday listen? THIS BOOK RIGHT HERE WILL FULFILL THAT NEED. Also? If you are nervous about sexytimes, perhaps this is not the read for you.

Disclosure: Obtained on Audible for free during their Christmas in July Promotion

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  1. hmm…I find the thought of a man reading sexytimes in my ear strangely appealing for some reason…

  2. Eeeee! I LOVE Shannon Stacey, so I’m alway dorky-excited when someone discovers her! She does such a great job of creating fun, believable chemistry. I highly recommend her other Christmas novella, Holiday Sparks, because, you know, there’s a hot electrician in that one.

  3. This sounds like exactly the kind of book I want to be reading this month!

  4. I’ve been thinking I need to read a Christmas book – and I could really use something quick!! (I’m downloading – NOW!!)

    I like the whole Dead Best Friends Widow angle!! (My husbands best friend and I have often said that if our spouses die? We’re getting married – purely for the convenience factor that our kids are best friends, we’re best friends, etc. LOL! And now that I sound sufficiently creepy.)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books


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  2. […] April @ Good Books and Good Wine – “Friends, Mistletoe & Margaritas had one of my favorite types of romance tropes — fighting the undeniable attraction.” […]

  3. […] April @ Good Books and Good Wine Friends, Mistletoe & Margaritas had one of my favorite types of romance tropes fighting the undeniable attraction. […]

  4. […] April @ Good Books and Good Wine Friends, Mistletoe & Margaritas had one of my favorite types of romance tropes fighting the undeniable attraction. […]

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