Ask The Passengers AS King Book Cover

Ask The Passengers AS King Book Cover

Ask The Passengers AS King Book Cover

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  1. YAYAYAYAYAY! You read it and you loved it and I am SO GLAD.

    A.S. King is on the list of magic writers who totally get my soul even they’ve never met me with Lauren Morrill and John Green. In all of their books, there are more sentences I want to highlight or paint onto my wall because they speak to me than ones that don’t.

    I haven’t been there either, but I felt so many things. SO MANY. That happened in the other King book I’ve read too, which I think you would like, since I know you love books that have war themes: Everybody Sees the Ants. It’s so incredibly different from this one.

    Seriously, I love bits of pop culture that don’t really care about lgbt. Like, there when everyone’s switching up what they’re attracted to all the time. There’s this movie I love called Bedrooms and Hallways, and some gay people end up straight, some straight people end up gay, and some people stay as they were, whether straight or gay. I love this because it’s basically like FUCK all the labels. You like who you like and you have sex with whoever you want to have sex with and it’s all AWESOME. Ask the Passengers had that same sort of vibe, and I reveled in it.

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