The Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom Christopher Healy Book Review

If I took a picture of myself after reading The Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy, I’d be grinning like a doofus or a dweeb. There is something about a rag tag group of princes forming friendships and coming together to save a kingdom that gets me every single time. You see, it is the Princes Charming’s time to shine.

The Hero's Guide To Saving Your Kingdom Christopher Healy Book Cover

The Hero's Guide To Saving Your Kingdom

Frederic, Gustav, Liam, and Duncan are four princes who are famous, not by name, but are known for rescuing four princesses. You see, the bards made the ladies the focus of their tales, relegating the princes to be collectively known as Prince Charming. They are about to put their names out there as they meet and form a league to save their kingdoms from an evil witch named Zaubera.

Y’all, I love this book on the same level that I love Shrek. I can’t begin to tell you what my favorite element was. All of the characters are fantastic -from Reese the polite giant to the sarcastic dwarves to the snotty Briar Rose. And okay, I am a tiny bit in love with ALL of the princes, each manages to distinguish himself in a different way. They all have distinct personalities and bring something different to the table. Frederick is very proper, but not one for adventure. Gustav is very impulsive and rushes into things without thinking. Liam has a hero complex. Duncan is an eccentric character, totally socially awkward and all.

There is humor as well. Straight up, The Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom is a fun read. There are all these little subtle jokes. Plus certain characterizations that are GOOD zany and not annoying zany. And the narrator is hilarious too, with the various asides. Also? Duncan cracks me up every time he shows up. He has this huge personality and does these bizarre random things like if he sees an animal he shouts out what he thinks it’s name is.

While I don’t have kids, I think Christopher Healy’s debut has real kid appeal with awesome male and female characters. The Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom never takes itself too seriously, but is simply a GOOD TIME, perfect for anyone who watched Shrek, fell in love, and is saying ‘Now what?’.

Disclosure: Received for review.

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  1. I am so excited for this book-I think I just might have to clear my schedule and read this this weekend because it looks exactly like the kind of book I’ll love especially with your comparison to Shrek.

  2. I love Shrek, I love good times. I love dynamic (and socially awkward!) character.
    I so want this.

  3. YAY! 😀 I’ve pre-ordered this and your review makes me even more excited to get it! 🙂 I adore Shrek, those movies are pure genius!

  4. This book sounds so funny and unique 😀 ! I love middle grade books and i’m sure that I’ll buy this one !
    Loved your review !

  5. That sounds totally awesome! Exactly the kind of story I’d love! I’ll definitely check it out. I also appreciated the author’s post about playlists. I often listen to music to get in the mood to write a certain scene, but not actually while I’m writing it. Your post has inspired me to try it! 😀

    • I love checking out author playlists, I just think they provide interesting insight, ya know?

      Also? So cool about how you listen to it to get into the mood for scenes, what a cool writing technique.

  6. Wow, this sounds fantastic! (Yes, I say this all the time about the books you review…) Anything that can be compared to Shrek gets major points in my book!

  7. Fun review! I’m in the midst of reading this, and I totally agree with your use of the word ‘zany.’ Lots of hilarity and craziness in this one. *grin*

    • YES! I think the hilarity and craziness really make The Hero’s Guide stand out because it doesn’t take itself too seriously and I love that, a nice light read every once in awhile.

  8. I’ve heard this is funny — I’m looking forward to seeing if I can snag a copy from my library this summer. 😀

  9. I loved Shrek too! (and if you go to Universal Studios Orlando the 4D experience is kinda neat.) Just saw this reviewed over on TBS and now I’m seeing you loved it too! So now I’m TWICE as excited to read it!

    • I have never been to Universal Studios, but I think my next trip to Orlando may merit a trip there especially because I am DYING to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

      Also? I think you’d really enjoy this one.

  10. This sounds like such a cute book! Thanks!

  11. GAH! I have this book coming up SO SOON on my TBR and I can’t wait to read it! All of the things about it sound amazing. AMAZING. Also, fist pump for a Jersey author! *fist pump* 🙂

    • Amy, the Hero’s Guide is TOTALLY your jam. Seriously, it is SUCH A YOU BOOK I DONT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN.

      Also when I see fist pump and Jersey in the same sentance I automatically think of that gif of Vinny from Jersey Shore fist pumping, ha ha.

  12. If I could take a picture of myself after reading your review, I too would be grinning like a dweeb. Loved how much fun this book was. I can’t decide on my favorite either, I loved all of the characters!

  13. I can’t even tell you in coherent thoughts how excited I am to read this book.

    I want the zany. I want the heart warming stories. I even want the princesses who are divas. I WANT ALL THE THINGS.

    • See, this is such a you and Lisa book, I imagine you will fall in love and sing it’s praises and will be able to chatter on and on like me about how zany it is and how much you love the princes and want to knock Briar’s teeth in and want to be BFF with Ella and be sarcastic with the dwarves. Seriously, this book is just totally YOU.

  14. I’m so glad you loved this book! I LOVED it! I love that Christopher wrote a book that both kids and adults can enjoy on different levels. Great review!!

  15. I for reals can’t wait to read this one. The cover looks a little cheesy, so it put me off at first, I’ve been hearing such awesome things about it. I’ll keep this one in mind when I need a good laugh :]

  16. Ooh I got this one in the mail! The title made me chuckle so I put it on the TBR list (ick but the cover!). I’m excited to read this now! Even though I rarely read MG! Gotta keep my reading life spicy though, right?!


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