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One of the things that I love about reading books by Suzanne Young is that I just tear right through her books. I sit down to read, look up 2 hours later and am done. A Want So Wicked is the compelling follow up to Young’s heartbreaking A Need So Beautiful.

A Want So Wicked Suzanne Young Book Cover

A Want So Wicked

In A Want So Wicked the plot is centered around Elise, who has just moved to a desert town with her pastor father and rebellious older sister, Lucy. Elise has deja vu and these flashbacks which are totally out of the ordinary. On top of that, she is in a love triangle. Her co-worker Abe is very good looking, pushy, seductive and clearly into her. Harlin, a drifter, accidentally crosses Elise’s path and the two can’t fight a strong soul connection.

Some characters from A Need So Beautiful make a reappearance in A Want So Wicked which is kind of cool to see where they are at now. However, I felt that we didn’t get enough Onnika and while more insight into her evil and darkness was appreciated, I would have liked more scene time wit her. And I also liked seeing Harlin and Monroe again, but again, not enough time with them.

Honestly, I don’t think A Want So Wicked is up to par with the first book, A Need So Beautiful. I didn’t have the instant connection or care for Elise that I did Charlotte. Like, Elise has no friends so there is no awesome Sarah-interactions, she’s naive, and sigh, kind of boring. I just wasn’t buying the relationship with her and Harlin – there’s an attraction but it all seemed so detached to me. Plus, I figured out a few big reveals early on and was wondering why it was taking the characters so long to catch on to those things.

A Want So Wicked isn’t exactly a bad read, it’s quite okay actually. However, I just didn’t care for it the way I did A Need So Beautiful. I’m not entirely sure what it was missing, but alas, it did not exceed my expectations.

Disclosure: Gifted and also received for review.

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  1. NOOO! This makes me so sad. I LOVED the first book. Maybe I’ll just skip this one and you can just tell me what happens? lol

  2. There was almost too much time spent on the wrong things in this book. It still flew by for me but the elements were just not connecting.

  3. That stinks I didn’t live up to par with the first book. What a great review.

  4. Ditto Mundie Moms. 😉

  5. Great review, but I totally disagree LOL!!! I loved this book SO MUCH MORE than ANSB and I think it really struck me, emotionally, which had me loving it so much more. I think the characters had a little more depth, and I loved seeing more Harlin, after falling so hard for him in ANSB. Either way, I loved this book, but I’m sad you didn’t fall for it as hard as I did!!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration


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