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On the island of Neversink, populated by different sorts of auks (a type of bird), a hummingbird, and a walrus, life is peaceful. Food is plentiful as the inhabitants of Neversink live on a steady diet of fish. There is no threat from natural predators, because none live on the island. Unfortunately, the auks’ relative peace does not last forever.

Neversink Barry Wolverton Book Cover


Barry Wolverton’s debut middle grade novel, Neversink, paints a vivid picture of the arctic circle and the animals who lived there before humans. It is chock full of memorable characters and explores political systems – basically a monarchy, parliament, and democracy on a child’s level in a very epic way. Neversink is quite an intelligent read.

Lockley J. Puffin is different from the other auks, namely because he believes that if something is bad you should change it. The other puffins and auks, however, believe you should not make waves. When Lockley’s wife Lucy makes fish smidgeons for Egbert the walrus’s birthday, it unleashes a chain of events where Lockley must prove his mettle and lay all on the line to save his beloved home, Neversink. You see, the owl parliament of Tytonia and their Napoleon-like leader, Rozbell, want to unfairly tax and extend rule over Neversink.

Neversink by Barry Wolverton moves along at a nice clip with few dull moments. It’s easy to get caught in Rozbell’s plotting or read with baited breath about Lockley’s heroism. One might even find themselves laughing out loud at the comic relief of Ruby the hummingbird and Egbert the walrus. Seriously, Neversink is an exciting and interesting read because there is so much going on, but not so much that the book feels overwhelming.

If you are looking for a book with characters to love right off the bat, Neversink by Barry Wolverton should be just the book to meet your needs. Lockley, Egbert and Ruby make for a fantastic cast. One can’t help but root for Lockley and hope he can save Neversink with the help of his friends. If you are looking for adventure in the arctic circle featuring animals, Barry Wolverton, nails it in such a charming way.

Disclosure: Received for review via Amazon Vine.

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  1. It’s always good when a MG is charming. I like that it incorporates animals and even has a little lesson to go along with it without seeming too obvious. Think I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Sounds fun and unique! Thanks for the critique. I’ll have to check it out!

  3. I am reading this a chapter at a time to my daughter right now. She is only 7 so some of it is a bit over her head but she is enjoying it none the less. She really loves Ruby and Egbert! I kinda want to try a fish smidgeon. =)

  4. Oh my gosh YES. I’ve been waiting to see if you liked this one. Looks like a winner and, well, I read winners.

    Also, I’ve heard this one has a MAP. Sold.

  5. I’m glad you enjoyed this one, April! I saw you devour it during the readathon, and was really excited to hear your thoughts. I agree, it was really fun, cute, and full of wonderful characters that are easy to love. I even really liked the villains!


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