The Hero Of Ages by Brandon Sanderson Book Review

May contain spoilers for Mistborn and The Well of Ascension.

Y’all I am impressed with Brandon Sanderson’s attention to detail and his planning. All of my questions about the ashmounts, Lord Ruler, why the ecosystem and sun are messed up are finally answered in this stunning conclusion to the Mistborn trilogy, The Hero Of The Ages.

The Hero Of Ages, Brandon Sanderson, Book Cover

The Hero Of Ages

Elend Venture is the emperor of the Final Empire. After dying and being resurrected at the Well Of Ascension, he is now a mistborn. Elend raises an army with his wife, Vin and tries to find Lord Ruler aka Rashek’s storage caches. Meanwhile, Sazed, is going through a crisis of faith after Tindwyl died in The Well of Ascension. Spook is doing recon in Urteau. And that’s pretty much the set up, to bring you up to speed. The entire plot revolves around Vin and her rag-tag crew finding a way to defeat the mysterious spirit/force known simply as Ruin.

I’ll miss Kelsier’s crew now that I’ve finished reading the Mistborn trilogy, but I can’t think of a more perfect ending to the trilogy. Seriously, Sanderson just nails it and wraps everything up perfectly.

I just thought I would take this time to talk about some side topics pertaining to The Hero Of Ages and the Mistborn trilogy.

Guys, when I read about a magic system, I want to be convinced it’s real. There are limits, rules, and boundaries to allomancy, feruchemy and hemalurgy, the magic systems within the Mistborn trilogy. I love that.

I love that pretty much everything has purpose, and what we thought was a minor detail like a simple piece of jewelry turned out to be HUGE. It’s not quite Rowling detail, but think on that scale. We get hints in the first book and small pieces that may seem irrelevent but end up really mattering.

There’s growth of ALL the minor players. I liked that because The Hero Of Ages was such a door stopper we got the chance to see the characters, even the minor ones, grow and change and learn from their experiences throughout the books. I mean, these people and kandra (TenSoon, OreSeur) are so different from Mistborn, yet retain their essence and identity. My favorite transformation was definitely that of Spook. He goes from being this kid who barely anyone understands because of his street dialect, to helping lead a revolution in Urteau and really becoming confident in himself. And okay, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention TenSoon and how much I loved him, seriously, for such a minor character, I want to give him a hug and say ‘you done good, son, real good.’ And then omfg Sazed. He got pretty emo, but he has this Eureka moment, and it’s so excellently put togther, I couldn’t help but be super fist-pumpy. Just a simple <3.

Guys, The Hero Of Ages is why I read epic fantasy, because the amount of time I spent reading Brandon Sanderson’s trilogy had such an epic pay off.

Disclosure: Purchased copy.

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  1. DUDE! So glad you finished the series and loved it as much as Ana and I did 🙂 I still think that the first book is the best (seriously, can’t come back from Kelsier’s awesomeness), but I agree that Sanderson did a bangup job of tying all the loose ends together in HERO. Also, TENSOON!!!!! Along with Vin, one of my favorites in the whole series. The Kandra are pretty badass.

    So now the question begs to be asked – will you be trying WAY OF KINGS? It’s very similar to Mistborn and Ana and I are divided on how well it stacks up…

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