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I’m pretty sure that the Furies (not to be confused with furries, gross), mythical women-spirits who enact karmic justice, are near the top of my list of things that are bad ass. I read Fury by Elizabeth Miles as a horror story – subsequently I enjoyed this debut novel VERY much.

Fury by Elizabeth Miles Book Cover


So the plot makes me think of ‘Those damn Dawson’s River kids, sleeping in each other’s beds and whatnot’. You see Emily Winters, one of the main characters, has feelings for her best friend Gabby’s boyfriend, Zach, and chooses to act on them. The other main character, Chase Singer, has a terrible secret, which is that he pretty much did something really bad to an old friend.

1, 2, the Furies are coming for these two. 3,4, better shut the door.

Just kidding! Shutting the door won’t stop what I consider to be the heroes of the story, the Furies. I will admit to making mistakes when I was younger, but nothing on the level on Chase and Emily.

Seriously, I couldn’t stand Em or Chase. Wah wah my BFF is mad at me for being a boyfriend stealer. Good lord girl, take some responsibility. Yes, Zach has faults, but Em, you totally never stopped to say to yourself ‘maybe this isn’t my most brilliant idea.’ In what planet is it EVER okay to steal your friend’s boyfriend and then expect everyone to just be cool with it. As for Chase, he’s just this meathead jerk who wants pity because he’s poor. Spare me. Being poor doesn’t mean you have to act the jerk. I get that your life is hard, Chase-y-Pie, but you really have no excuse for being a bully.

However, there was one shining minor character, Em’s next door neighbor JD. He was absolutely wonderful with his award winning outfits. Also, well, I guess this doesn’t count since I already said it, but I totally loved the Furies. I am partial to red ribbons and pretty hair. I am also partial to vengeance and karma and people getting their just deserts.

And to follow a separate line of thought – I kind of associated Fury with Stephen King. Mainly because the book is set in Maine and there’s even a mention of Bangor. And throughout the pages there is this pulse of evil, you can practically feel something bad lurking. Some parts are legit scary too! And okay, Fury made me think of Thinner by King’s alterego Richard Bachman, because I didn’t love the main characters/victims, but I did feel a tiny ounce of sympathy at the ultimate punishment.

If you go into Fury by Elizabeth Miles expecting horror, not to want to be BFF with the main characters, and seeing people reap what they sow, you will love it. I pinky swear.

Disclosure: Received for review.

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  1. I’m going to wait to read your review until I finish mine BUT I finished this over vacation and wowwwsa..we need to talk!

  2. Ha! Though I didn’t quite feel as extreme as you did in your belief that the Furies were the heroes of the story, I did get a sort of odd entertainment in the Furies taking vengeance for the horrible things Em and Chase did. At least initially, anyway.

  3. I think the Furies went WAY overboard in their punishment of Em and Chase (the character they’re targeting in the last chapter is more deserving of punishment IMO) but I found this book very compelling and flew through it.

  4. I liken this book to a 80’s horror movie in my review, so I love your review! The Furies were my favorite part, too.

  5. I have been dying to read Fury, but now I am not so sure ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to be BFFs with the main characters when I read and I want a book that I can get emotionally invested in and not annoyed with – Oh whats a girl to do LOL Thanks for sharing today.

  6. I agree I liked JD and didn’t care for Em or Chase but I thought it was strange that both Em and Chase were given the same punishment for what I thought were way different “crimes”. It seemed a bit extreme in Em’s case. I did like what little we saw of the Furies and the next book looks like it might be more to my taste.

  7. Taking this on vacation with me next week!

  8. I really enjoyed The Fury – it definitely gave me the creeps in parts and I also really liked JD – i guess the only criticism is that I thought the punishment was a little harsh. There are a lot worse crimes out there after all – maybe the Furries need to have a rethink! But, yeah, I still really enjoyed this story and can’t wait for the next.
    Lynn ๐Ÿ˜€


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