It’s Going Down: Various YA Happenings On The Web

That’s right, son, I just used the term web instead of internet!

Recently two very cool pieces of young adult news have come to my attention.

First, the trailer of Matched is finally up online!

You can go to the Matched website and read reviews of Matched, watch the trailer, and download this fantastic app which will help you find your match. I am using the application as I write this… And the sequence is done. I just have to say, wtf society. I should have been Matched with my boyfriend not this random kid. Also, it does ask to access your facebook, which makes me uncomfortable, but then again, a lot of facebook apps and websites do that these days.


The Dark Divine Bree Despain Book Cover

The Dark Divine

Those of you who are living in the 21st century and have ereaders better get to buying The Dark Divine by Bree Despain, as The Lost Saint is out in December, and right NOW Egmont is pricing The Dark Divine ebook at only $2.99 wherever e-books are sold. Talk about an awesome deal, plus we can all dish on Daniel and Grace once you all have read this rockin’ book. HOWEVER it will only be priced at $2.99 until November 22.

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  1. Im really intrigued to see what people thing of The Lost Saint. I read nearly the whole of TDD and haha yeah, I can’t really say much on that book without being mean so. And that book trailer is awesome right?! I think the fact that we actually have trailers for books now is SO cool.

  2. I can’t get the Matched app to work which makes me really sad 🙁

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