What Has Inspired Mary E. Pearson’s Writing Style? | Guest Post + Giveaway

Friends, I’d like to welcome Mary E. Pearson here today! Her latest book THE KISS OF DECEPTION is amazing.  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post. What has inspired your writing style, particularly for The Kiss of Deception? There are so many things that affect the writing style of a book.  First […]

On The Aliens In Scan | Guest Post by WALTER JURY + GIVEAWAY

Walter Jury talks about why he chose to make SCAN’s aliens humanoid: As a great consumer of books and films, I have always been more attracted to science fiction that is more scientifically based than sci-fi that requires one to suspend their disbelief to much higher levels. For example, I love that JURASSIC PARK has […]

Historical Hotties: Henry VIII | A Guest Post by Katherine Longshore

HELLO INTERNET FRIENDS! I am so excited to welcome Katherine Longshore today who is going to enlighten us all on one of my favorite topics: the hotties of history. She’s featuring Henry VIII today. So, let’s do this but first with this image in your head: Historical Hotties: Henry VIII Close your eyes and imagine […]

Romans And Their Love-Hate Relationship With Gladiators | Guest Post

Hey all, I’d like to welcome Vicky Alvear Shecter, author of Curses And Smoke here today to talk about gladiators! Romans And Their Love-Hate Relationship With Gladiators | Guest Post The ancient Romans had a love-hate relationship with gladiators. On the one hand, they were esteemed—sometimes even glorified—as the epitome of masculine fearlessness and fierceness. On […]

The Advantages And Disadvantages To Being Psychic | Guest Post by Lindsay Smith

Welcome, welcome to Lindsay Smith, author of Sekret, a book that I really, really am excited about and totally enjoyed. She’s here today on Good Books and Good Wine to talk to you all about The Advantages And Disadvantages To Being Psychic. How fun would it be to know the thoughts of everyone around you? Well, […]

Writing The Well’s End’s Antagonist

As you can see from my review today, I kind of sort of really LOVED The Well’s End by Seth Fishman. I loved it so much that I am beyond THRILLED to have Seth Fishman here today to talk about writing the villain from The Well’s End. Without further ado, I’m turning the blog over to Seth. […]