Allison: Book Blogger Challenge Day 14

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Deal Breakers

I’m usually willing to give a book a shot.
However, if it has any of these things all bets are off…

  • Animal death – I always get nervous when an animal is introduced into a story because I become terrified that it is going to die. Like I’m almost afraid to like the animal. I don’t want to become too attached if something happens. And this is such blatant manipulation of my emotions, and that is something I can totally do with out in a book.
  • Characters with zero substance – A book needs to have characters that hold my interest in order for me to be able to enjoy it. If I can’t relate to or enjoy a character, I’m not going to enjoy the book that I’m trying to read.
  • Lack of a setting – Not only does a book have to have good characters for me to enjoy it but it also has to have a good setting. A place where I can get lost in and imagine the characters living there. If there’s no description of the setting or if I can’t visual it in my head that can make me stop reading the book.
  • Too much drama – I don’t enjoy books that have endless drama. A few twists and turns in a story are perfectly fine but there is such a thing as overkill and that will drive me away from reading the book.
  • Author drama – If an author has been known to be negative to bloggers or has had some sort of a public outburst I will admit I’m much less likely to pick up their book.

What are some of your deal breakers?



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