Allison: Christmas With The Billionaire Rancher | Mandy Baxter | Novella Review

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Allison: Christmas With The Billionaire Rancher | Mandy Baxter | Novella ReviewChristmas With the Billionaire Rancher by Mandy Baxter
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on October 13th 2015

In Christmas with the Billionaire Rancher by Mandy Baxter, there's nothing Nate Christensen hates more than a golddigger. Nate wants to stay away from all the women who want his money. That is, until he meets the sexy, beautiful Chloe Benson, who lights a fire in his blood that only the most passionate nights can ease...
Chloe cannot get enough of Nate-she's never felt more wild with desire in her life. The only problem is, she needs Nate's money. True, it's for a very worthy charity...but is their passion enough to still Nate's fears that she's only wants him for how big his bank account is?

If you are looking for a quick novella that brings the heat, Christmas With The Billionaire Rancher by Mandy Baxter, is the one for you. From their first meeting, you can tell that there is a magnetic connection between Nate and Chloe, and after they hook up for the first time, you know that there is no way this is going to be a one-night stand type of thing. For some reason, there is something very real happening between them, and as much as it scares them, they know that this is something that needs to be explored deeper. Although, there is one major complication that continuously gets in their way.

What is this complication? Well, it’s the fact that Nate recently inherited a bunch of money from his deceased father, money that he doesn’t even want. He and his father had a very tumultuous relationship, and the last thing that he wants surrounding him is money that reminds of him of all his “failures” according to his father. He also wants nothing to do with anyone who is trying to smooze him for his money. The entire idea of someone trying to get close to him now that he has money puts him on edge and kind of makes him an egotistical jerk at times. In fact, he’s more than a jerk which made it a bit difficult to like him when he was in this mode. Luckily, Chloe has the ability to call him out on his crap, and their arguments ultimately bring them closer together.

Unfortunately, Chloe has a bit of a secret up her sleeve as well. The reason behind Nate and Chloe’s initial meeting at his father’s funeral was that she was there to crash it and ask for a hefty donation to her non-profit foundation. She had never met Nate’s father in her life and from what she had heard about him, she detested him but, she was desperate because her foundation was floundering, and she was in need of the funding to keep it afloat. She thought that they could crash the funeral, get one of the many billionaires in attendance to write her a check, and all would be good again. What she didn’t anticipate was meeting Nate and finding herself so enthralled with him and attracted to him. She certainly didn’t expect to fall into bed with him either but one thing led to another and suddenly she’s in a super delicate situation. She knows she no longer wants to ask him for the money but she also knows that if he finds out about the real reason she was at the funeral, he will never forgive her. It is a definite between a rock and a hard place type of situation.

What I liked about Christmas With The Billionaire Rancher is that neither Nate nor Chloe’s flaws were ignored. In fact, they were kind of pointed out in a way to show how the attraction was growing between them in spite of the flaws. I found myself rooting for the two of them to be together without all the misunderstandings. Although the misunderstandings did lead to some hot scenes if you know what I mean. Like I said before magnetic chemistry. Overall, I would recommend this novella if you are looking for a quick read with some substance, and a whole lot of spice. It definitely has all that in spades!

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