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Ladies and gentleman, I think I’ve found a short Christmas story that I will be reading every year to get me into the Christmas spirit. Especially if I’m in the mood for a fluffy sexy read. Believe you me, Season of Second Chances left me feeling all the right feels, and I think it will do the same for you.

Season Of Second Chances Cover

Season of Second Chances tells the story of Claire and Logan who at one point were engaged to be married but who allowed disagreements and disappointment to separate them. Two years later, they find themselves together once again as a winter storm strands Claire in Chicago on Christmas Eve, and Logan offers her a place to stay. From there, the Christmas spirit, memories and chemistry take over but, is it enough this time around? Or will it just lead to more heartbreak?

Claire is a female character that I could really get behind. She refuses to be put in second place anymore. She still loves Logan but she has had her heart broken one too many times by him and now she’s put up a lot of walls. Except when it comes to his touch. That is one thing that she could never really resist. Yet, even with that, she has learned to hold her own. Claire understands that she will never really be Logan’s number one priority as he has a daughter from a previous relationship but she still refuses to be swept away by empty promises again. I really liked that she didn’t change her stance, and forced Logan to recalculate his priorities in order to have her.

Logan is a swoon-worthy character in himself. He works too hard and sometimes he loses sight of the things that are important to him but when he loves, he REALLY loves. He loves every aspect of Claire. From the way that her hair falls and frames her face to the way that she calls him out on his crap. He’s scared of losing her again but, he doesn’t know exactly how to fix what he has broken. I really liked reading Logan’s journey of emotions in this story. Even though it was a short story, nothing felt rushed or out of place, and I felt connected to the characters.

This is the first time I’ve read anything by Brighton Walsh but after this I think I will definitely have to check out more of her work. There were some sexy times inside that were satisfying while still leaving you wanting more. The plot never really slows down but it doesn’t feel rushed at all and even with the brief introduction of the characters you can still feel that there is a history and connection there that cannot be denied. Given the fact that this was a short novella, I really enjoyed how the author was able to do this.

Season of Second Chances is a novella that is perfect for the holiday season. It is the type of book that you should read relaxing in front of a fireplace. Oh, and be sure you grab a nice warm drink while you’re at it too. Don’t worry, it’s a pretty quick read so you don’t have to worry about how much time you’re using up reading. Just trust me on this one, you DON’T want to miss the opportunity to check out Logan and Claire’s story! You will fall in love just like I did.


Disclosure: Received ARC from publisher on NetGalley

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