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Why Did I Listen To This Book?

I decided to listen toAmerica 1933: The Great Depression, Lorena Hickok, Eleanor Roosevelt And The Shaping Of The New Deal by Michael Golay first because of my secret project that I can’t really disclose. Second, this book piqued my interest because it features one of my favorite first ladies – Eleanor Roosevelt who is awesome. AND! It is also about a female figure who I have not really heard of until listening to this book. Also, what I know about the New Deal can basically be summed up in acronyms and it’s always a good idea to brush up on history. Knowledge is sexy, after all.

America 1933 by Michael Golay | Good Books And Good Wine

What’s It All About?

I think the long title says it all. Literally. This book is about Lorena Hickok, a journalist, who is tasked by the White House and some guy named Hopkins to travel all over the United States to see how the New Deal is working out. She also has a friendship with Eleanor Roosevelt, and it’s kind of alluded to that it is a SPECIAL LADY FRIENDSHIP if you get my drift. It just got real you guys. AND INTERESTING. Also, it is aboutAmerica1933 and what it was like during the Depression and how some people survived and what their lives were like when they were on relief. Oh, and Hickok learning to drive. That’s it. It’s good overall though, as boring as I make it sound, it’s really kind of intriguing if you are a history buff.

What Did I Learn?

First off,America 1933 taught me that Eleanor Roosevelt isn’t as nice as I thought she was. At the heart of it all, she is still a society lady. AND OMG WHAT A B, she like ignores Lorena her friend and then kind of lets their friendship get strained. And okay, sure she redeems herself by paying Lorena’s bills towards the end of her life, but still. IDK, I just was not expecting that from Ms. Roosevelt. Let’s see what else — oh, this book also covers upstate NY where I am from and even says the name of the county where I live now and it’s totally badass because these people shot at a milk truck because it basically fucked with their prices and you guys, I am from a county of rebels. Cool. OH AND people of color were SHOCKER not benefiting from the New Deal as much as their white counterparts. I know, you guys are all totally surprised right? Hmmm. I also learned that the Great Depression sucked and that people in West Virginia were like the poorest of all according to this book, at least Hickok seemed to have the most compassion for them. And that’s it. Overall, Golay did a good job keeping me interested in a part of history that I never really focused on. What do you know, political policy and it’s enactment can actually keep me awake!

How Is The Narration?

The narrator is Robert Fass. He does a good job. He sounds like one of those people who talks on those Ken Burns documentaries or like an expert on The History Channel so what I am getting at is that he’s an appropriate narrator forAmerica 1933 by Michael Golay. I did not mind the 11 hours and 46 minutes spent listening to Fass. The audiobook is produced by Audible, Inc. It’s a good listen if you need to learn about the New Deal for school or college or just are interested in The Great Depression.

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