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With a cover like Naked Sushi, it is pretty obvious that there will be sexytimes in store for Jina Bacarr’s spy-based novella. Unfortunately,Naked Sushifizzled instead of sizzled for me. I am going to chalk that up to the writing style, it just did not gel with me. Further, the characters aren’t all that developed and I don’t know, I just feel disdainful toward the whole novella.

Naked Sushi by Jina Bacarr | Good Books And Good Wine

Pepper is a computer programmer in the wrong place at the wrong time. You see, she’s making a late night copy when she’s uhm, taken from behind, CONSENSUALLY, by a stranger. While she enjoyed the activity, her boss finds out and she’s summarily fired. It does not end there. You see, Pepper’s been blacklisted for programmer jobs AND that handsome stranger? He’s an FBI agent. So, Pepper finds herself acting as amateur spy inNaked Sushi. She also finds herself having a lot of sexytimes.

Maybe I am too practical for ‘erotica’ as that’s totally what this novella was. Anyways, at the first moment of stranger sex, I was like yeah sure they have a condom but that does not prevent all disease, girl could catch the herp or warts. Anyways, the romance between Steve, that’s the agent’s name, and Pepper is all sex which is fine for some people but when I read romance novels, I want more. Granted, there are instances where Steve is all — Pepper is brilliant and wonderful and that’s fine, but it’s telling not showing. I think some people will go in for the sex scenes, but me personally, I found them a little too kinky. BUT that is just my opinion and my feelings on the matter and there is absolutely nothing wrong with people who are into that, it’s just not me.

I think my biggest issue withNaked Sushi was the writing style. There are a lot of sentence fragments, and I know who am I to talk with my run on sentences and my fragments all over the place. However, I’m not a professional writer so there is that. Anyways, I just found the narrative kind of grating. Also the book really jumps around a lot and instead of taking the time to really craft and develop the scene, the book just haphazardly goes to the next scene. I felt like the book was just trying too hard to be fun and upbeat and it just did not work for me, personally. Unfortunately this Red Hot Read is a Red Hot Dud.

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  1. Yeah this one is a pass for me on genre alone. I’m really loving the variety of genres your reviewing though!

  2. I’ve been known to enjoy my share of erotica from time to time, but an author should never sacrifice character development or story for sex. Ideally there should be a balance of the two, and it sounds as though this is where Naked Sushi primarily falls apart. The narrative style also sounds as though it would not be to my taste, as I tend to like longer, more elaborate and illustrative writing rather than short sentences which I often find jarring and elementary (A problem I recently encountered with Tracey Garvis-Graves’ On The Island) I think I’ll be passing on this novel for now.

    Thank you for the helpful review, April. I particularly appreciated that you didn’t discount the entire genre simply because it isn’t something that you personally enjoy 🙂

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