Eat That Frog | Brian Tracy | Audiobook Review

Eat That Frog | Brian Tracy | Audiobook ReviewEat that Frog! by Brian Tracy
Narrator: Brian Tracy
Length: 2 Hours 40 Minutes
Published by on 2008-11
Genres: Business & Economics, Education, Personal Growth, Self-Help, Self-Management, Success, Time Management
Pages: 172
Format: Audiobook
Source: Purchased
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Every idea in this book is focused on increasing your overall levels of productivity, performance, and output and on making you more valuable in whatever you do. You can apply many of these ideas to your personal life as well. Each of these twenty-one methods and techniques is complete in itself. All are necessary. One strategy might be effective in one situation and another might apply to another task. All together, these twenty-one ideas represent a smorgasbord of personal effectiveness techniques that you can use at any time, in any order or sequence that makes sense to you at the moment. The key to success is action. These principles work to bring about fast, predictable improvements in performance and results. The faster you learn and apply them, the faster you will move ahead in your career - guaranteed! There will be no limit to what you can accomplish when you learn how to Eat That Frog!

Why Did I Choose To Listen To This Book?:

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy was being offered as a free audiobook on Audible at one point, so I downloaded it because I felt there was no risk. I ended up listening to it because I had just finished one audiobook and wanted something short and sweet to act as a sort of buffer between the next serious and long audiobook. Also. I totally felt as though I needed to learn more about not procrastinating as I am the worst and am always putting things off until the last minute.

What Is It About?:

The title basically says it all, but Eat That Frog is essentially about conquering your to do list and getting those tasks you’ve been putting off done to be a more productive person. There are 21 tips and it does not take a very long time to get through them at all, so really, I did not feel like I was procrastinating on reading other books when it came to listening to this one.

Are The Tips Actually Legit?:

Actually, yes Brian Tracy’s tips are totally legit. Like, in the beginning he basically goes on about how he’s read lots and lots of books from experts in success and productivity and how this book is basically a condensing of the tips. The big one is to do the hardest thing in your day first because everything after that will be cake. He’s right though. Like, the other day I had this big report due for work and I was like ughhhh this sucks but then I knocked it out in 2 hours, from 8 am to 10 am and felt so free and focused afterward. Other tips are things like making a list, working on projects in small chunks, delegating, and not spending time on trivial things. I have been trying to apply the tips to blogging by working on my reviews by formatting them and then typing up different parts at a time, so my brain does not feel all blocked. I also no longer spend hours deleting spam comments, so there is that. I am now almost a month ahead with scheduled posts so I can testify that for book blogging, reading Eat That Frog has helped me.

Would I Recommend This Book?:

Absolutely, yes but only to people who have a really bad procrastination problem and are actually willing to try and work on it and fix it.

How Is The Narration?:

My one gripe is that I wish I had read this book via print instead of audio. The audiobook production quality is not up to par with other audiobooks I’ve listened to. Brian Tracy narrates and he does a decent job of conveying his points. However, there are occasional scratchy noises and bits that sound like mic feedback. It felt like when you set a microphone up and occasionally it makes the screechy noise, which sucks because otherwise this would have been a solid lesson, so perhaps if a new edition comes out it should be recorded at a better studio, like the Brilliance Audio studio. OH but the audiobook is super short –it’s only 2 hours and 42 minutes.

Disclosure: Purchased on Audible for free a long time ago.

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