Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch BJ Daniels Book Review

I don’t know about you all, but if I see something published by a legit publisher for free in the Kindle store, I ‘purchase’ it, regardless of what it is, because it’s really a risk-free investment. And for once in my life this investment actually managed to turn out to be a good thing. You see, I grabbed Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch by BJ Daniels when it was free on Kindle, just because I figure I like cowboys and I like Harlequin and it’s not like I’m losing money on this. THEN the other week, I randomly got the sequel, Justice At The Cardwell Ranch in the mail and figured, hey now is the time to finally read that free book downloaded in May 2011. You guys, it really was not a bad choice at all.

Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch BJ Daniels Book Cover

Here’s the thing, when I read very light romance, these books that are less than 250 pages that come out monthly, I don’t exactly expect War And Peace or even Sarah Dessen caliber going into it. I expect to be entertained and to swoon. That is all. And frankly, Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch by BJ Daniels met that expectation. Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch opens pretty gruesomely. Basically, this lady is out on a date and her man shoves her in a well. Then shoots her. THEN we flashforward to the future, where Warren, one of the employees of the Cardwell Ranch stumbles on the lady’s bones. Dana Cardwell is the owner of the ranch and so she has to be involved with the investigation, because it’s her property. YET she does not want to be involved because the marshall investigating it is her ex, Hudson Savage. OH and Dana’s siblings want her to sell the ranch, and so this whole dead body thing kind of throws a wrench in those plans.

As I am captain oblivious, the mystery was not all that obvious to me. Like, I had no idea who killed the woman in the well. Sure, I had some suspicions but in the end I WAS WRONG and I love that. Seriously, I hate being proved wrong in real life, but when I am reading a book I actually enjoy it when my prediction turns out to be wrong. I have to say, the story has a lot of suspense going for it, and if you like that kind of thing mixed in with your swoons, maybe you will like Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch.

As for the romance, let me level with you guys. It does not take a whole lot to please me when it comes to romance books. I just want characters I don’t hate and some sexytimes or at least some torpid kissing. Maybe some chemistry. Dana and Hudson are rather inoffensive. Like, I wasn’t annoyed by them. I never thought, oh that Hudson, he’s such a horse’s ass. I was rather pleased with the romance in Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch, it progresses with a nice clip and well, I think the intrigue and the DANGER looming around the corner ratchets up the intensity. Except, there was only ONE sex scene, what the what. I want my grown up books to deliver grown up times.

Here’s the thing, I’m not ashamed that I like a nice romance or a nice Harlequin from time to time. I like the idea of being swept away by a rugged male individual. I am occasionally cheesy. And sometimes when I read a book, I just want to relax my brain and not think about deep and big ideas. And so, Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch by BJ Daniels was an okay choice for that and I actually do expect I will be reading the sequel soon, especially when my life takes a busy turn in these upcoming weeks.

Disclosure: Purchased for FREE on Kindle.

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  1. There is no shame in embracing your inner cheese!

  2. “Here’s the thing, I’m not ashamed that I like a nice romance or a nice Harlequin from time to time. I like the idea of being swept away by a rugged male individual. I am occasionally cheesy.” LMAO! Glad I’m not the only one! Course, I am ashamed. I hide these types of books in my room. Nice thing about having a Nook or Kindle device. No one knows what you are reading from looking at the back cover 😉

  3. Great review! I hadn’t heard of these but I’ll check them out! It’s been SO long since I read anything western. Thanks! 😀


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