Just Write: Here’s How Walter Dean Myers Book Review

Are you thinking of writing a book and not quite sure where to begin? Walter Dean Myers draws from his many years of experience, with over 100 published books, in Just Write: Here’s How, his guide to writing a novel aimed at actual young adults.

Just Write: Here's How Walter Dean Myers Book Cover

Just Write: Here's How

Full disclosure: I have no interest in being an author. I do, however like to read about the craft. Also? This is kind of silly, but quick reads generally get pushed to the top of my to be read list.

What I found to be the most striking about Just Write: Here’s How besides the bite size length was the tone. Walter Dean Myers dispenses his writing advice in a very frank fashion which I found to be very appealing. I also think the tone and style of Dean’s writing – which is pretty much to the point – meets teens on their level without being condescending.

As for the merit of Walter Dean Myer’s advice, I think it comes from a place of vast experience. He writes about developing work ethic and I think that he has a great point. Whenever I go to signings, the writers inevitably talk about how much they write per day – for some it’s a page goal, others word count, and for some a specific amount of time. Like, the authors I see who succeed definitely seem to have that work ethic where they spend a heck of a lot of time at their craft. So, yeah, solid advice I guess. He also talks about drawing from life experiences, research and outlines.

Just Write: Here’s How by Walter Dean Myers is a relatively quick read with less than 170 pages, which, honestly, I think will endear it to some teens. I think that it would be an asset to the English/Language Arts classroom library and will certainly draw in youth who might not give other books on writing and the craft a second glance, and why not nurture writing the way Myers does?

Disclosure: Received for review.

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