Readathon Update 3


I know, I know you are probably getting sick of me by now, but I love to proclaim my rocking-ness from the rooftops.

I finished my THIRD readathon book.

Granted it was 63 pages and started on page 5 lol, BUT it’s still a book that I finished and it rocked as much as I remember.

Esio Trot, Book Cover, Roald Dahl,

Esio Trot by Roald Dahl

I’m still listening to The Lost Hero as I do these updates and walk up and down the stairs and shower.

Also Esio Trot took me like 20 minutes to read, if that. IT’s SUCH A FAST READ. I highly recommend it for all readathons ever.

Food consumed:

String Cheese

Orange Juice

Perfect combination? How’s about not. But I thought the orange juice would make me more energetic and I had a craving for cheese.

About April (Books&Wine)

April is 28 years old and created Good Books And Good Wine. She works for a non-profit. In her free time she can be found reading, working out, or eating junk food. She often wears her sunglasses at night.


  1. Three books is awesome! I just finished my first.

  2. Wow – you are rocking along!

    PS – I am a huge fan of string cheese 🙂

  3. Three books is awesome

  4. aww Roald Dahl is the best, I totally need to pick up one of his books for the next readathon I do. Unfortunately the only one related to him I have with me is his biography… which is like 800 pages of non-fiction and probably the worst readathon book ever (I am definitely not reading it!) I’m impressed you can type and listen, I can only do audio when I don’t have to think (ie: cleaning, playing facebook games, other busywork)

  5. WTG! I appreciate your snack of cheese string and orange juice. Lots of calcium and sugar to keep up the energy levels. Enjoy your next book!

  6. You are really motoring along. I love Dahl. I haven’t read his books in ages though.

  7. Great job on finishing your third book! You are on a roll. I’m only halfway through my first!

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