The Next Best Thing by Kristan Higgins Book Review

I first became interested in Kristan Higgins’ books after seeing Alea’s review of My One And Only, and then being mostly into the cover. Then a bigger nudge came when reviews of Kristan Higgins books kept popping up right and left on Allison’s blog and they were mostly positive, so I knew Higgins would be good to try on a venture into contemporary romance. Armed with a credit card, I scored a whole pile of Higgins at the Borders liquidations. The reason why I chose The Next Best Thing to begin with isn’t that impressive, only that it’s the shortest, also apparently the least liked among the people I talked to and I am such a save the best for last kind of girl. (It’s why I always eat the garlic bread AFTER the spagetti).


The Next Best Thing, Kristan Higgins, Book Cover, mixing bowl

The Next Best Thing

Guys, I liked  The Next Best Thing and ended up reading it in a span of hours. The Next Best Thing takes place in Mackerly, a small Rhode Island coastal town. Lucy Lang’s husband Jimmy died within months of their wedding. She’s been grieving for years, but soothes away her grief by humping Jimmy’s living brother Ethan. Anyways, Lucy decides she wants kids and to be married again, but doesn’t want to love her husband so it won’t hurt if he dies prematurely like the other men who have married into Lucy’s family.

The Next Best Thing is full of deliciously described pastries. And I wanted to take them out of the book and eat them, because friends I cannot resist a delicious pastry. There’s also some weepy moments – I can’t handle a dead spouse and could barely get through PS I Love You. And also there are sexytimes, of course.

I think The Next Best Thing was a good introduction to Kristan Higgins, especially because I know or rather, the grapevine knows, that her other books are better. Really, this was a fluffy throw away Saturday morning read that I found pleasurable enough. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the other books I own by Higgins.

Disclosure: Purchased my copy.

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  1. But if you eat the garlic bread after the spaghetti it gets cold! This has always been a problem of mine. Maybe we should start baking the garlic bread when we sit down to eat then it’ll be ready for post-spaghetti nomming.

    Um. Yes, so not the point of the post.

    But this book sounds like a lot of fun, and I’m adding it to my Kindle wishlist right now!

  2. I just finished the Next Best Thing last week, I like it but not as much as My One and Only, then yesterday I read All I’ve Ever Wanted. So far that’s my favorite of hers!

  3. I agree that All I’ve Ever Wanted is my favorite so far. I liked The Next Best Thing, the brothers as husbands plot threw me a bit at first…though Higgins explained well. My absolute least favorite has been Catch of the Day. Thought the romance angle was a little weak…


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