Just Write: Here’s How Walter Dean Myers Book Review

Are you thinking of writing a book and not quite sure where to begin? Walter Dean Myers draws from his many years of experience, with over 100 published books, in Just Write: Here’s How, his guide to writing a novel aimed at actual young adults. Full disclosure: I have no interest in being an author. I […]

Book Review: Carmen by Walter Dean Myers

You know how you read a really excellent adaptation of a story and that becomes the standard by which you set all of the other adaptations? Then you may get really disappointed when other versions don’t quite live up to your expectations. Unfortunately, Carmen by Walter Dean Myers did not live up to my expectations. […]

Book Review: Kick by Walter Dean Myers And Russ Workman

Kick is a very brief story about soccer and a kid in the wrong place at the wrong time. In collaboration with an actual young adult, Ross Workman, Walter Dean Myers has co-authored a story which is sure to be a hit with the athletic, male reluctant reader set. Kevin, a kid from a good […]