Just Friends by Tiffany Pitcock | Book Review

Just Friends by Tiffany Pitcock looked pretty promising. I mean, I am not above a fun, contemporary YA romance book. In fact, those are kind of my favorite when I am in moments of stress and feeling overwhelmed. Just Friends contains the tropes that I am here for. However, it just didn’t click with me in […]

My New Crush Gave to Me by Shani Petroff | Book Review

My New Crush Gave To Me by Shani Petroff is basically what I wanted out of a holiday YA romance book. Unfortunately it has kind of ruined other books for me. I mean, now that I am getting into reading other holiday books after this one, I find myself irritated. They aren’t as snappy or […]

Wesley James Ruined My Life by Jennifer Honeybourn | Book Review

Wesley James Ruined My Life by Jennifer Honeybourn did not substantially impact my life. I mean, with a book title like that you might think it’ll have some kind of impact. It did not. Actually, going in, based on the summary I had some expectations for this book. I was hoping it was going to […]

Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall | Book Review

Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall is such a fun, adorable read. Hall’s latest book takes on the song You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift and adapts it so that the girl next door becomes the boy next door. I was absolutely a fan of this book, as I am with the other […]

Signs Point To Yes by Sandy Hall | Book Review

Last year I swooned just a little bit over A Little Something Different by the up and coming Sandy Hall, citing it as a read similar in tone to that of Rainbow Rowell’s books. This year, Hall is back with a brand new addition, Signs Point To Yes, an adorable young adult romantic romp about a girl named […]

Velvet by Temple West | Book Review

I unabashedly enjoy romance books and books with kissing and such, so of course I am 100% on board for the books published by Macmillan’s new imprint Swoon Reads. This imprint basically guarantees there’s going to be kissing or else. Velvet by debut author Temple West is a paranormal offering from this imprint featuring a vampire […]