Reign Of Shadows by Sophie Jordan | Book Review

Reign Of Shadows by Sophie Jordan is a book that I had picked up on a whim. I did not have it on a ten books I need to read next list. I did not have it on audiobook. It so happens that I just plucked it off my bookshelf. For some reason, it was […]

Hidden | Sophie Jordan | Book Review

When I cracked openHidden by Sophie Jordan, third book in theFirelight series, I was really excited. I mean, I had been putting the book off for a long time and was reading other more pressing books. Yet, in the back of my mind I would always see this book and feel a twinge of excitement […]

Wicked In Your Arms by Sophie Jordan Book Review

Wicked In Your Arms by Sophie Jordan opens with a prologue in which the male love interest, Sevastian Maksimi discovers he is the new heir to the throne of Maldania, a fictional country, after his brother dies in war.

Vanish by Sophie Jordan Book Review

Were you on tenterhooks at the end of Firelight by Sophie Jordan? With that cliffhanger ending I was DYING to see what would happen. Whereas Firelight laid out the foundation for the world of the draki, humans who shapeshift into dragons, Vanish spends little time on exposition, instead diving right into explosive action from the start including a HUGE reveal […]

Review of Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Immediately, the reader is engaged in Firelight by Sophie Jordan. The book starts with a bang, Jacinda our lady of draki is doing some illegal flying with her BFF when suddenly, they wind up in the middle of a hunt. BT-dubs, draki are dragons who have evolved to become people who turn into dragons. Makes […]