The Book Blogger’s Guide To Moving

The Book Blogger’s Guide To Moving Let me be 100% real with you, moving is a giant pain in the ass. Sure, the adventure of relocating and falling in love with a new area is exciting. The process though can be the worst. I mean, it can make you want to pull your hair out […]

In 2016, I Hereby Resolve To:

1. Make $5,000 From Good Books & Good Wine. Okay, if I am being honest, I have never made anything even close to that from this blog – not even in those times when I had extremely great traffic. However, I believe in setting big AUDACIOUS goals, and that is my big audacious goal this […]

Violated: A Catharsis Post

I never once thought I would be writing a post like this. I am not the sort of person who wakes up in the morning and thinks, hmmm how will I be victimized today. To be honest, I thought I was the last person I know who would ever be victimized, given that I work […]

Allison: Belated Two Year Anniversary Celebration

Somehow in the craziness of my life, I managed to forget my two year anniversary as co-blogger here at Good Books and Good Wine! Im not sure how exactly I managed to do that except for the fact that Im currently more than knee deep in graduate school work (thus also explaining why you havent […]

In 2014, I Hereby Resolve To:

1. Keep My Need-To-Review Shelf In The Single Digits. Last year I got to the point where my books that need to have reviews written shelf went up to over 40. That was insane and way too much pressure and stress for me. And you know, I am not going to be that person who […]

Being A Healthier Me: Yoga For Beginners

Alright, I mentioned in my first introductory post that I’ve recently started attending yoga classes. I’ve now completed over 900 minutes of instruction and feel that I can give you a review of the activity. I started doing yoga for a few reasons. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that yoga helps to […]