The Vanishing Season by Jodi Lynn Anderson | Book Review

Review + Summary – The Vanishing Season by Jodi Lynn Anderson a story that is both contemporary and paranormal about a girl named Maggie who moves.

A Curious Tale Of The In-Between by Lauren DeStefano | Book Review

A Curious Tale Of The In-Between by Lauren DeStefano is a charming and at turns dark middle grade book featuring Pram, a girl who can talk to ghosts.

Oblivion by Kelly Creagh | Book Review

I cracked open Oblivion third in Kelly Creagh’s Nevermore trilogy with high hopes, despite not really geling with Enshadowed. I had hoped that maybe Enshadowed was just sophomore slump. Also? I really, really wanted to know what had happened to Isobel and Varen and how the trilogy ends. Nevermore, the first of the gothic trilogy was a knock out read for […]

Velvet by Temple West | Book Review

I unabashedly enjoy romance books and books with kissing and such, so of course I am 100% on board for the books published by Macmillan’s new imprint Swoon Reads. This imprint basically guarantees there’s going to be kissing or else. Velvet by debut author Temple West is a paranormal offering from this imprint featuring a vampire […]

The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa | Book Review

This is definitely my year of finishing trilogies that have been in my list for what feels like forever. I just finished up the Chaos Walking trilogy and now I’ve finished Julie Kagawa’s Blood Of Eden trilogy. The Forever Song wraps up Kagawa’s dystopian vampire series with some unexpected plot twists and intense action. Straight up, there’s […]

Allison: The Cost of All Things | Maggie Lehrman | Book Review

Have you ever wanted the power to change things? Or to take a magic potion and suddenly have everything become right in your world? Or make it so that people would never leave you? Or to protect someone you love? Or that you would be able to forget all the pain and sorrow in your […]