Better Than Perfect | Seven Black Diamonds | The Lure

Better Than Perfect by Melissa Kantor totally hit my sweet spot. Looking at Goodreads though, it appears that I am an anomaly. Thankfully, I went into this book awhile after the release date. I also read it via audiobook instead of the physical copy I had right in the house. I WAS SO ENGAGED BY […]

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely | Book Review

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely is a superb collaboration between two powerful young adult writers who are able to encapsulate sharp, incisive insight into contemporary issues with their solo books. This book melds that characteristic writing and takes it up to a new level, making the story even more hard hitting […]

On The Edge by Allison Van Diepen | Book Review

On The Edge by Allison van Diepen is a book that I continually found myself looking at — thinking that it looked like a relatively interesting young adult contemporary book. However, I never really made any time to sit down and read it — there were always more pressing books that I had wanted to […]

Light Of Day by Allison Van Diepen | Book Review

Light Of Day by Allison Van Diepen is one of those books that I began almost immediately after finishing a previous book by the same author – On The Edge. I had no clue what to read next, however, because I had a book in a similar style on hand, I went with it. Do you […]

I Am The Weapon by Allen Zadoff | Audiobook Review

Essentially, I Am The Weapon is about this kid who goes by Benjamin for the majority of Zadoff’s book. His parents were killed by his friend Mike when he was a teenager. Then Benjamin was recruited to essentially be an assassin. He receives training and is honed into the best possible weapon. From there, he is given coded assignments, gets close to a mark – usually another kid at the different schools he is sent to – and then kills their parent. This time, Benjamin is assigned to the mayor of New York City’s daughter – Sam. He ends up being really interested in Sam and also coming to like the mayor. So, he decides he wants out of the assassin business. Will he get out? That remains to be seen.

Taking Aim: Power And Pain, Teens And Guns edited by Michael Cart | Book Review

Taking Aim: Power And Pain, Teens And Guns edited by Michael Cart is a young adult anthology centering around guns. There are a variety of stories included showing various sides of the gun control debate. In all, this is an okay anthology with some stand out stories and then some duds. In all, I could see […]