The Naughty List by Michael Fry and Bradley Jackson | Book Review

If you have a middle schooler who has already read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and is looking for another holiday read – why not hand them The Naughty List by Michael Fry and Bradley Jackson. While The Naughty List does not quite have the same religious undertones as The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, there is quite a bit of hilarity in […]

Allison: Wildlife | Fiona Wood | Book Review

This week, I read Wildlife by Fiona Wood. It was a book that had been on my radar for quite some time so when I saw it on the shelf at my local library I couldn’t resist the opportunity to borrow it. Why was it on my radar? First of all, it’s set in Australia […]

Tomboy by Liz Prince | Graphic Memoir Review

I read Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir by Liz Prince because I am such a huge fan of graphic novel memoirs. I used to really be into reading memoirs, but don’t seem to have the time for them anymore, and so graphic novels are a nice way to be able to fit them in. Furthermore, I like it when books deal with things like gender constructs and society’s expectations of people. So, the subject matter of Prince’s memoir seemed really interesting. It sounded like a smart and thoughtful graphic memoir.

The Doubt Factory by Paolo Bacigalupi | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To This Book? All of the books that I’ve read by Paolo Bacigalupi are books that I have experienced via audiobook. And by all the books, I mean two books narrated by Joshua Swanson -Shipbreaker andThe Drowned Cities. I really enjoyed those books on audio. For some odd reason, I tend […]

Rites Of Passage by Joy N. Hensley | Book Review

I can guarantee all of you that I will read anything Joy N. Hensley comes out with because I was so utterly impressed with Rites Of Passage. I for serious cannot recommend this book enough.

Homeroom Diaries Doodling Diarist Prize Pack Giveaway

Man oh man do I love giveaway days on Good Books & Good Wine! Today’s awesome giveaway features a book, a super cool sketchbook AND DRAWING PENS, which okay amuses me to absolutely no end. So, get your creative on and enter to win using the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post. HOMEROOM DIARIES […]