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Master List of Reviews by Author For Quick Reference


50 Cent – Playground *audiobook


Abdel-Fattah, Randa – Does My Head Look Big In This?
Abouet, Marguerite – Aya
Acosta, Marta – Dark Companion
Adair, Marina – Kissing Under The Mistletoe
Adornetto, Alexandra – Halo
Aguirre, Ann – Enclave
Alcott, Louisa May – Little Women
Alexie, Sherman – The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fist Fight In Heaven
Alexie, Sherman – The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian
Allen, Sarah Addison – The Peach Keeper
Allen, Sarah Addison – The Sugar Queen
Amateau, Gigi – Come August, Come Freedom
Anderson, Jodi Lynn – Tiger Lily
Andrews, Ilona – Magic Bites (Kate Daniels Book 1)
Andrews, Jesse – Me And Earl And The Dying Girl
Appelhans, Lenore – Level 2
Appelhans, Lenore – Level 2  *Allison Review
Appelt, Kathi – Keeper
Applegate, Katherine – The One And Only Ivan
Armstrong, Kelley – The Awakening (Darkest Powers Book 2)
Armstrong, Kelley – The Gathering (Darkness Rising Book 1)
Armstrong, Kelley – The Calling (Darkness Rising Book 2)
Armstrong, Kelley – The Reckoning (Darkest Powers Book 3)
Armstrong, Kelley – The Summoning (Darkest Powers Book 1)
Asher, Jay – Thirteen Reasons Why
Ashton, Brodi – Everneath
Atkinson, Elizabeth – I, Emma Freke
Auxier, Jonathan – Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes
Avi – The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle *audiobook
Axelrod, Jared and Steve Walker – The Battle Of Blood And Ink


Bacigalupi, Paolo – The Drowned Cities *audiobook review
Bacigalupi, Paolo – Shipbreaker *audiobook
Baggott, Julianna – Pure
Balog, Cyn – Sleepless
Banks, Anna – Of Poseidon
Bardugo, Leigh – Shadow And Bone
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn – Every Other Day
Barnhill, Kelly – The Mostly True Story Of Jack
Barry, Dave – I’ll Mature When I’m Dead: Dave Barry’s Amazing Tales of Adulthood
Bartlett, Allison Hoover – The Man Who Loved Books Too Much
Bates, Marni – Awkward
Beagle, Peter S. – The Last Unicorn
Beagle, Peter S. – The Last Unicorn Graphic Novel
Beaudoin, Sean – Fade to Blue
Beck, WH – Malcolm At Midnight
Bell, Alden – The Reapers Are The Angels
Benjamin, Melanie – Alice I Have Been
Benjamin, Rich – Searching For Whitopia
Benway, Robin – Audrey, Wait!
Benway, Robin – The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, And June
Berry, Julie – Secondhand Charm
Bickle, Laura – The Hallowed Ones
Billingsley, Franny – Chime
Bishop, Anne – Daughter of the Blood
Black, Holly – Ironside *audiobook
Black, Holly – Tithe *audiobook
Blake, Kendare – Anna Dressed In Blood *Allison Review
Blake, Kendare – Girl Of Nightmares *Allison Review
Blazanin, Jan – A & L Do Summer *Allison Review
Bledsoe, Alex – The Firefly Witch *Allison Review
Blubaugh, Penny – Blood And Flowers
Blundell, Judy – Strings Attached
Bognanni, Peter – The House of Tomorrow
Bond, Gwenda – Blackwood
Bond, Victoria and TR Simon – Zora And Me
Bosworth, Jennifer – Struck
Bow, Erin – Plain Kate
Boylan, Jennifer Finney – She’s Not There: A Life In Two Genders
Bracken, Alexandra – Brightly Woven
Brandon, Paula – The Traitor’s Daughter
Bray, Libba – Beauty Queens
Bray, Libba – The Diviners
Bridges, Robin – The Gathering Storm
Brody, Jessica – The Karma Club
Brosgol, Vera – Anya’s Ghost
Brown, Jennifer – Perfect Escape
Bugliosi, Vincent with Curt Gentry – Helter Skelter *audiobook
Bunce, Elizabeth C. – Starcrossed
Burnett, Frances Hodgson – The Secret Garden *audiobook review
Burns, TR – The Bad Apple (Merits Of Mischief Book One)


Cabot, Meg – Abandon
Cabot, Meg – Insatiable
Cabot, Meg – Size 12 Is Not Fat
Calame, Don – Swim The Fly
Caletti, Deb – Stay
Calin, Marisa – Between You & Me
Card, Orson Scott – Pathfinder
Carman, Patrick – Floors
Carman, Patrick – 3 Below
Carr, Robyn – Hidden Summit
Carson, Rae – The Girl Of Fire And Thorns
Carson, Rae – The Crown Of Embers (Fire and Thorns Book 2)
Carter, Ally – Heist Society *audiobook review
Carter, Ally – Uncommon Criminals (Heist Society Book 2) *audiobook review
Carter, Rachel – So Close To You
Cashore, Kristin – Bitterblue (Seven Kingdoms Book 3)
Cashore, Kristin – Fire (Seven Kingdoms Book 2)
Cashore, Kristin – Graceling (Seven Kingdoms Book 1)
Cashore, Kristin – Graceling *Allison Review
Castellucci, Cecil – First Day On Earth
Chow, Cara – Bitter Melon
Christie, Agatha – And Then There Were None* audiobook
Clare, Cassandra – City Of Bones
Clare, Cassandra – Clockwork Angel
Clark, Jay – The Edumacation Of Jay Baker
Cline, Ernest – Ready Player One
Coates, J. Anderson – The Wicked And The Just
Cobb, Thomas – Crazy Heart
Cohen, Tamar – The Mistress’s Revenge *Allison Review
Cohn, Rachel and David Levithan – Dash And Lily’s Book Of Dares
Cole, Courtney – Dante’s Girl *Allison Review
Coleman, Rebecca – The Kingdom Of Childhood
Collins, Suzanne – Gregor The Overlander *audiobook
Collins, Suzanne – The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games Book 1)
Collins, Suzanne – Catching Fire (The Hunger Games Book 2)
Collins, Suzanne – Mockingjay (The Hunger Games Book 3)
Condie, Ally – Matched (Matched Book 1)
Condie, Ally – Crossed *audiobook (Matched Book 2)
Condie, Ally – Reached *audiobook (Matched Book 3)
Coville, Bruce – Into The Land Of The Unicorns
Craze, Galaxy – The Last Princess
Creagh, Kelly – Nevermore
Cremer, Andrea – Nightshade
Crewe, Megan – Give Up The Ghost
Cronin, Doreen – The Trouble With Chickens
Cronin, Justin – The Passage
Cronin, Justin – The Twelve
Cross, Julie – Tempest
Crowley, Cath – Graffiti Moon
Crusie, Jennifer – Bet Me
Crusie, Jennifer – Manhunting
Cullen, Dave – Columbine *audiobook
Cupala, Holly – Don’t Breathe A Word
Cupala, Holly – Tell Me A Secret *audiobook
Cushman, Karen – Will Sparrow’s Road


Dahl, Roald – Esio Trot
Dahl, Roald – The Magic Finger
Dahl, Roald – The Twits
Dahlquist, Gordon – The Different Girl
Danforth, Emily M. – The Miseducation Of Cameron Post
Daniels, BJ – Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch
Dare, Tessa – A Night To Surrender
Dare, Tessa – One Dance With A Duke
Dare, Tessa – Twice Tempted By A Rogue
Dashner, James – The Maze Runner
Dashner, James – The Scorch Trials
Daswani, Kavita – Lovetorn
Davidson, Jenny – Invisible Things
Davis, Tanita S. – Happy Families
Declare, Lulu – Alicia, Afterimage
Dennard, Susan – Something Strange And Deadly
Derting, Kimberly – The Body Finder
Derting, Kimberly – Desires Of The Dead
Derting, Kimberly – The Pledge
Despain, Bree – The Dark Divine
Despain, Bree – The Lost Saint
Dessen, Sarah – Along For The Ride
DeStefano, Anna – Christmas On Mimosa Lane
DeStefano, Lauren – Fever (The Chemical Garden Series Book 2)
DeStefano, Lauren – Wither (The Chemical Garden Series Book 1)
Devlin, Ivy – Low Red Moon
DeWitt, Patrick – The Sisters Brothers* audiobook
Dionne, Erin – Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee – One Amazing Thing
Dixon, Heather – Entwined
Dogar, Sharon – Annexed
Dokey, Cameron – The Wild Orchid
Doller, Trish – Something Like Normal
Donnelly, Jennifer – A Northern Light
Donnelly, Jennifer – Revolution
Dowell, Frances O’Roark – Ten Miles Past Normal
Doyle, Larry – Go Mutants!* audiobook review
Doyle, Marissa – Bewitching Season
Draper, Sharon – Copper Sun
Dudley, David L. – Caleb’s Wars
Dumas, Alexandre – The Black Tulip
Dumas, Alexandre – The Count of Monte Cristo
Dunlap, Susanne – The Academie
Duran, Meredith – Wicked Becomes You


Eagar, Kirsty – Raw Blue
Echols, Jennifer – Endless Summer
Echols, Jennifer – Forget You
Edge, Harry – Spray
Elkeles, Simone – The Rules of Attraction
Emerson, Kevin – The Lost Code
Epstein, Adam Jay and Andrew Jacobson – The Familiars
Esquith, Rafe – Lighting Their Fires
Evanovich, Janet – One For The Money
Evanovich, Janet – Two For The Dough
Evans, Justin – The White Devil


Fagan, Cary – The Boy In The Box
Falls, Kat – Rip Tide

Ferrer, Caridad – When The Stars Go Blue
Fey, Tina – Bossypants *audiobook
Fineburg-Cook, Lisa – Japan Took The JAP Out of Me
Finn, Katie – What’s Your Status: A Top 8 Novel
Fitzhugh, Louise – Harriet The Spy
Fitzpatrick, Huntley – My Life Next Door
Flinn, Alex – Cloaked
Flynn, Gillian – Gone Girl *audiobook
Follett, Ken – The Pillars Of The Earth
Forman, Gayle – If I Stay
Forman, Gayle – Just One Day
Forman, Gayle – Where She Went
Fortin, Angeline – A Laird For All Time
Fox, Janet – Sirens
Freitas, Donna – The Survival Kit


Gabaldon, Diana – Outlander
Gaiman, Neil – Coraline
Gaiman, Neil – The Graveyard Book
Gantos, Jack – Dead End In Norvelt* audiobook
Garcia, Kami and Margaret Stohl – Beautiful Creatures
Garcia, Kami and Margaret Stohl – Beautiful Darkness
Garcia, Kami and Margaret Stohl – Beautiful Darkness
Gardner, Sally – The Red Necklace
Garsee, Jeannine – The Unquiet
Garvey, Amy – Cold Kiss
Gaskell, Elizabeth – Cranford
Gaskell, Elizabeth – North and South
George, Jessica Day – Tuesdays At The Castle
Ghost, Derek The – Monsters On The March
Gibson, Rachel – Rescue Me
Gidwitz, Adam – A Tale Dark And Grimm
Gilbert-Lurie, Leslie and Rita Lurie – Bending Toward The Sun
Gilman, Charles – Tales From Lovecraft School *Allison Review
Gleick, Peter H. – Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession With Bottled Water
Goldman, William – The Princess Bride *Allison Review
Goodman, Alison – Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
Goodman, Alison -Eona: The Last Dragoneye
Gould, Sasha – Cross My Heart
Gould, Stephen – 7th Sigma
Graham, Genevieve – Under The Same Sky
Grant, Cecilia – A Lady Awakened
Grant, Michael – Gone
Grant, Michael – The Magnificent 12: The Call
Grant, Mira – Feed
Gratton, Tessa – Blood Magic
Gray, Claudia – Fateful
Green, John – An Abundance Of Katherines
Green, John – The Fault In Our Stars *Allison Review
Green, John – The Fault In Our Stars *audiobook review
Green, John – Looking For Alaska
Green, John and David Levithan – Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Greenland, Shannon – The Summer My Life Began
Greenman, Catherine – Hooked
Gregory, Philippa – Changeling *audiobook review
Griffin, Adele and Brown, Lisa – Picture The Dead
Griffin, Adele – Tighter
Griffin, Bethany – Masque Of The Red Death
Guibord, Maurissa – Warped
Gwin, Minrose – The Queen Of Palmyra


Habel, Lia – Dearly Departed
Haddon, Mark – Boom
Hahn, Mary Downing – Mister Death’s Blue-Eyed Girls
Hahn, Mary Downing – The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall
Hale, Shannon – The Goose Girl
Halls, Kelly Milner – Girl Meets Boy: There Are Two Sides To Every Story
Halpin, Brendan and Emily Franklin – Jenna And Jonah’s Fauxmance
Halpin, Brendan and Emily Franklin – Tessa Masterson Will Go To Prom
Haddix, Margaret Peterson – Torn
Haley, Alex – Roots
Han, Jenny – The Summer I Turned Pretty
Hand, Cynthia – Unearthly (Unearthly Book 1)
Hand, Cynthia – Hallowed (Unearthly Book 2)
Hand, Cynthia – Boundless (Unearthly Book 3)
Hardinge, Frances – Fly Trap
Hardy, Thomas – Far From The Madding Crowd
Harrington, Kim – Clarity
Harrington, Laura – Alice Bliss
Harstad, Johan – 172 Hours On The Moon
Hartman, Rachel – Seraphina
Healy, Christopher – The Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom
Hearn, Julie – Ivy
Hearn, Lian – Across The Nightingale Floor
Heasley, Gwendolyn – Where I Belong
Hemingway, Ernest – The Sun Also Rises
Henry, Marguerite – Misty Of Chincoteague *audiobook
Hicks, Deron R. – Secrets Of Shakespeare’s Grave
Hicks, Faith Erin – Friends With Boys
Hieber, Leanna Renee – Darker Still *Allison Review
Higgins, Kristan – The Next Best Thing
Hilderbrand, Elin – The Blue Bistro *Allison Review
Hirsch, Jeff – The Eleventh Plague *audiobook
Hoban, Russell – Soonchild
Hodkin, Michelle – The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Holder, Nancy and Debbie Viguie – Crusade
Honeyman, Kay – The Fire Horse Girl
Hooper, Mary – Fallen Grace
Hopkins, Ellen – Crank
Hopkins, Ellen – Fallout
Hopkins, Ellen – Glass
Howard, AG – Splintered
Howe, Deborah and James – Bunnicula
Howe, James – The Celery Stalks At Midnight (Bunnicula Book 3)
Howells, Amanda – The Summer of Skinny Dipping
Hubbard, Jennifer – The Secret Year
Hubbard, Kirsten – Wanderlove
Hubbard, Kirsten – Wanderlove *Allison Review
Hyde, Catherine Ryan – Jumpstart The World


Ibbotson, Eva – The Ogre Of Oglefort
Ingold, Jeanette – Paper Daughter
Irving, Washington – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Irwin, William – Alice In Wonderland and Philosophy: Curiouser and Curiouser


Jaden, Denise – Losing Faith

James, Eloisa – The Duke Is Mine
James, Henry – The Turn Of The Screw
Jay, Stacey – Juliet Immortal
Jemisin, N.K. – The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
Jenkins, Emily – Invisible Inkling: Dangerous Pumpkins
Jensen, Melissa – The Fine Art Of Truth Or Dare *Allison Review
John, Antony – Five Flavors Of Dumb
Johnson, Angela – The First Part Last
Johnson, Maureen – 13 Little Blue Envelopes
Johnson, Maureen – Suite Scarlett
Johnson, Maureen – The Last Little Blue Envelope
Johnson,  Maureen – The Name Of The Star *audiobook
Jones, Diana Wynne – Howl’s Moving Castle
Jones, Diana Wynne – Stopping For A Spell
Jordan, Sophie – Firelight
Jordan, Sophie – Vanish
Jordan, Sophie – Wicked In Your Arms


Kacvinksy, Katie – First Comes Love
Kagan, Elaine – Somebody’s Baby *Allison Review
Kagawa, Julie – The Immortal Rules
Kagawa, Julie – The Iron King (Iron Fey Book One)
Kagawa, Julie – The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey Book Two)
Karo, Aaron – Lexapros And Cons
Karz, Zippora – The Sugarless Plum
Keaton, Kelly – Darkness Becomes Her
Kehoe, Stasia Ward – Audition
Kelley, Kitty – Capturing Camelot: Stanley Tretick’s Iconic Images Of The Kennedy’s *Allison Review
Kephart, Beth – The Heart Is Not A Size
Keplinger, Kody – The DUFF
Kerbal, Deborah – Girl On The Other Side
Kessler, Jackie Morse – Hunger
Keswick, Kitty – Freaksville
Keyes, Pamela – The Jumbee
Khoury, Jessica – Origin *Allison review
Khoury, Jessica – Origin
Kincaid, SJ – Insignia
Kincaid, SJ – Insignia *Allison review
Kincy, Karen – Other
Kindl, Patrice – Owl In Love
King, AS – Ask The Passengers
King, Stephen – The Shawshank Redemption
Kingsbury, Karen – The Bridge *Allison review
Kinney, Jeff – Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Kinsella, W.P. – Shoeless Joe
Kirby, Jessi – Moonglass
Kirby, Matthew – Icefall
Klein, Lisa – Cate Of The Lost Colony
Kleypas, Lisa – Secrets Of A Summer Night
Kling, Heidi R. – Sea
Knight, Rachelle Rogers – Read, Recommend, Remember For Teens
Konigsburg, EL – The View From Saturday *audiobook
Kontis, Alethea – Enchanted
Kozlowsky, MP – Juniper Berry
Kraus, Daniel – Rotters
Kristoff, Jay – Stormdancer
Kunze, Lauren and Rina Onur – The Ivy
Kushner, Ellen – Swordspoint *audiobook
Kwok, Jean – Girl In Translation


Lackey, Mercedes and Rosemary Edghill – Dead Reckoning
LaBan, Elizabeth – The Tragedy Paper
LaCour, Nina – Hold Still
LaFevers, RL – Nathaniel Fludd: Beastologist – The Unicorn’s Tale
LaFevers, Robin – Grave Mercy
Lai, Thanhha – Inside Out & Back Again
Lancaster, Mike – Human .4
Larbalestier, Justine and Sarah Rees Brennan – Team Human
Lawson, Jenny – Let’s Pretend This Never Happened *audiobook review
Laybourne, Emmy – Monument 14
Leaf, Brian – Defining Twilight
Leavitt, Lindsey – Sean Griswold’s Head
Leavitt, Lindsey – The Royal Treatment
Leavitt, Martine – My Book Of Life By Angel
Lee, Harper – To Kill A Mockingbird
Lee, Roberta – The SuperStress Solution
Lemmon, Gayle Tzemach – The Dressmaker of Khair Khana: Five Sisters, One Remarkable Family, and the Woman Who Risked Everything to Keep Them Safe *audiobook review
L’Engle, Madeline – And Both Were Young *audiobook review
Levine, Gail Carson – A Tale Of Two Castles
Levithan, David – Every You, Every Me
Lidell, Alex – The Cadet Of Tildor
Lindner, April – Jane
Lindsey, Johanna – Hearts Aflame
Littlefield, Sophie – Aftertime
Littlewood, Kathryn – Bliss
Lo, Malinda  -Ash
Lockhart, E. – The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs And Me, Ruby Oliver
Long, Julie Anne – To Love A Thief
Long, Mark – The Silence Of Our Friends
Long, Ruth Frances – The Treachery Of Beautiful Things
Longshore, Katherine – Gilt
Lord, Walter – A Night To Remember
Lore, Pittacus – I Am Number Four
Lowry, Lois – The Giver
Ludwig, Elisa – Pretty Crooked
Lyga, Barry – I Hunt Killers *audiobook review
Lynch, Chris – Angry Young Man
Lynch, Chris – Kill Switch


Maas, Sarah J. – Throne Of Glass
MacLean, Sarah – A Rogue By Any Other Name
MacLean, Sarah – Nine Rules To Break When Romancing A Rake
Macomber, Debbie – Call Me Mrs. Miracle
Mafi, Tahereh – Shatter Me
Mantchev, Lisa – Eyes Like Stars
Manzano, Sonia – The Revolution Of Evelyn Serrano
Marche, Stephen – How Shakespeare Changed Everything
Marchetta, Melina – Looking For Alibrandi
Mariconda, Barbara – The Voyage Of Lucy P. Simmons
Marillier, Juliet – Daughter Of the Forest *Allison review
Marillier, Juliet – Shadowfell
Marr, Melissa – Carnival Of Souls
Marr, Melissa – Carnival Of Souls *Allison Review
Marr, Melissa – Graveminder
Marsden, Carolyn – My Own Revolution
Mathewson, RL – Playing For Keeps
Martin, George RR – A Game Of Thrones
Martinez, Jessica – Virtuosity
Martin, C.K. Kelly – The Lighter Side Of Life And Death
Matson, Morgan – Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour *audiobook
Maurier, Daphne du – Rebecca
Mazetti, Katarina – Benny & Shrimp
McAdams, Molly – Taking Chances
McBride, Kristina – One Moment
McBride, Kristina – The Tension of Opposites
McBride, Lish – Hold Me Closer, Necromancer
McBride, Lish – Necromancing The Stone
McCafferty, Megan – Bumped
McCafferty, Megan – Sloppy Firsts
McCall, Guadalupe Garcia – Under The Mesquite
McCarthy, Cormac – The Road
McCullough, Colleen – The First Man In Rome
McDonald, Abby – Boys, Bears And A Serious Pair Of Hiking Boots
McDougall, Christopher -Born To Run *audiobook
McEntire, Myra – Hourglass
McFadden, Bernice L. – Sugar
McGarry, Katie – Pushing The Limits
McKinley, Robin – Sunshine
McMann, Lisa – Cryer’s Cross
McMann, Lisa – The Unwanteds
McNeil, Gretchen – Possess
McNeil, Gretchen – Possess *Allison review
McNeil, Gretchen – Ten
McVoy, Terra Elan – Being Friends With Boys
Mead, Richelle – Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy Book 1)
Mead, Richelle – Frostbite (Vampire Academy 2)
Mead, Richelle – Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy 3)
Mead, Richelle – Blood Promise (Vampire Academy 4)
Mead, Richelle – Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy 5)
Mead, Richelle – The Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy 6)
Mead, Richelle – Bloodlines (Bloodlines 1)
Mead, Richelle – The Golden Lily (Bloodlines 2)
Meadows, Jodi – Incarnate
Meldrum, Christina – Madapple
Meloy, Colin – Wildwood
Melville, Herman – Moby Dick *audiobook
Meany, Flynn – The Boy Recession
Messner, Kate – Capture The Flag
Meyer, LA – Bloody Jack *audiobook
Meyer, Marissa – Cinder
Meyer, Marissa – Scarlet
Meyer, Stephanie – The Host
Miles, Elizabeth – Fury
Milford, Kate – The Boneshaker
Miller, Ashley Edward and Zach Stentz – Colin Fischer *audiobook
Miller-Lachmann, Lyn – Gringolandia
Mitchell, Saundra – The Vespertine
Mont, Eve Marie – A Breath Of Eyre
Moore, Alan – V For Vendetta
Moran, Johanna – The Wives of Henry Oades
Moran, Michelle – Madame Tussaud
Morgenstern, Erin – The Night Circus
Moriarty, Chris – The Inquisitor’s Apprentice
Morrill, Lauren – Meant To Be
Moulton, Courtney Allison – Angelfire
Moulton, Courtney Allison – Wings Of The Wicked (Angelfire Book 2)
Moulton, Courtney Allison – Shadows In The Silence (Angelfire Book 3)
Moss, Marissa – Mira’s Diary: Lost In Paris
Myers, Walter Dean – All The Right Stuff
Myers, Walter Dean – Carmen
Myers, Walter Dean – Just Write: Here’s How
Myers, Walter Dean – Monster
Myers, Walter Dean – Sunrise Over Fallujah *audiobook
Myers, Walter Dean and Ross Workman – Kick


Nelson, Jandy – The Sky Is Everywhere
Nesbet, Anne – The Cabinet Of Earths
Ness, Patrick – A Monster Calls *audiobook
Ness, Patrick – The Knife Of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking Book 1)
Ness, Patrick – The Ask And The Answer (Chaos Walking Book 2)
Nix, Garth – Sabriel
Nix, Garth and Sean Williams – Troubletwisters
Noel, Alyson – Radiance


Ockler, Sarah – Fixing Delilah
O’Dell, Kathleen – The Aviary
O’Dell, Kathleen – The Aviary *Allison Review
O’Dell, Scott – The Island Of The Blue Dolphins
Oh, Ellen – Prophecy
Okorafor, Nnedi – Akata Witch
Oliver, Lauren – Before I Fall
Oliver, Lauren – Delirium *audiobook
Oliver, Lauren – Liesl And Po
Oliver, Lauren – Pandemonium *audiobook
Oliver, Lauren – The Spindlers
O’Neal, Eilis – The False Princess
Oppel, Kenneth – Such Wicked Intent
Oppel, Kenneth – This Dark Endeavor
Ostow, Micol – Family


Palacio, RJ – Wonder
Palmer, Robin – Geek Charming
Park, Linda Sue – A Long Walk To Water
Parry, Rosanne – Second Fiddle *Allison Review
Pasha, Kamra – The Shadow Of The Swords
Paschen, Elise – Poetry Speaks Who I Am
Paterson, Katherine and John Paterson – The Flint Heart
Patrick, Cat – Forgotten
Patrick, Cat – Revived
Patterson, James – Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
Paul, Fiona – Venom
Paulson, Ingrid – Valkyrie Rising *Allison Review
Pearce, Jackson – Purity
Pearl, Nancy – Book Crush: For Kids And Teens
Peck, Richard – On The Wings Of Heroes *audiobook review
Peloquin, Lili – The Innocents
Perera, Anna – Guantananmo Boy
Perez, Ashley Hope – What Can’t Wait
Perkins, Mitali – Bamboo People
Perkins, Stephanie – Anna And The French Kiss
Perkins, Stephanie – Lola And The Boy Next Door
Peterfreund, Diana – For Darkness Shows The Stars
Peterfreund, Diana – Rampant
Peterfreund, Diana – Ascendant
Peterfreund, Diana – Secret Society Girl
Peters, Elizabeth – Crocodile On The Sandbank
Pfeffer, Susan Beth – Blood Wounds
Pfeffer, Susan Beth – Life As We Knew It
Pfeffer, Susan Beth – This World We Live In
Picoult, Jodi – My Sister’s Keeper
Pickering, Roy L. – Patches of Grey
Pierce, Tamora – Alanna: The First Adventure
Pixley, Marcela -Without Tess
Plum, Amy – Die For Me
Polites, Taylor M. – The Rebel Wife *Allison Review
Potter, Christopher – You Are Here: A Portable History of the Universe
Potter, Ellen – The Humming Room
Pratchett, Terry – The Color Of Magic
Preller, James – Before You Go
Price, Lissa – Starters
Prineas, Sarah – Winterling
Probst, Jennifer – The Marriage Bargain
Purnhagen, Mara – Tagged
Putney, Mary Jo – One Perfect Rose


Quick, Amanda – Seduction * Allison Review *Audiobook


Rabin, Staton – The Curse Of The Romanovs *Allison Review
Rand, Ayn – Anthem
Raskin, Ellen – The Westing Game
Raybourn, Deanna – Dark Road To Darjeeling
Raybourn, Deanna – Silent In The Grave
Raybourn, Deanna – Silent In The Sanctuary
Raybourn, Deanna – Silent On The Moor
Rayburn, Tricia – Siren
Redwine, CJ – Defiance
Reeves, Amy Carol – Ripper
Reeves, Dia – Slice of Cherry
Reitman, Janet – Inside Scientology *audiobook
Revis, Beth – Across The Universe *Allison Review
Rex, Adam – The True Meaning Of Smekday *audiobook
Rhodes, Morgan – Falling Kingdoms
Rice, Anne – Interview With The Vampire
Richards, Elizabeth – Black City
Riggs, Ransom – Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
Riordan, Rick – The Lost Hero *audiobook (The Heroes Of Olympus Book 1)
Riordan, Rick – The Son Of Neptune *audiobook (The Heroes Of Olympus Book 2)
Roberson, Jennifer – Sword Dancer
Robinson, Barbara – The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Roecker, Lisa And Laura – The Liar Society
Rosati, Gina – Auracle *Allison Review
Rose, Caroline Starr – May B
Rosenblum, Gregg – Revolution 19
Rosnay, Tatiana de – Sarah’s Key
Rosoff, Meg – How I Live Now
Ross, Chudney – Lone Bean
Rossi, Veronica – Under The Never Sky
Roth, Veronica – Divergent
Roth, Veronia – Insurgent
Rothfuss, Patrick – The Name of the Wind
Rothfuss, Patrick – The Name Of The Wind* audiobook review
Rothfuss, Patrick – The Wise Man’s Fear
Rowling, JK – Harry Potter 1 and 2 *Allison Review
Rumley, Crickett – Never Sit Down In A Hoopskirt And Other Lessons Learned In Southern Belle Hell
Ryan, Carrie – The Dark And Hollow Places
Ryan, Carrie – The Dead Tossed Waves
Ryan, Carrie – The Forest of Hands and Teeth


Salerni, Dianne – We Hear The Dead
Sales, Leila – Past Perfect
Sampson, Jeff – Havoc
Sampson, Jeff – Vesper
Sanderson, Brandon – The Alloy Of Law
Sanderson, Brandon – Legion *audiobook review
Sanderson, Brandon – Mistborn (Mistborn #1)
Sanderson, Brandon – The Well Of Ascension (Mistborn #2)
Sanderson, Brandon – The Hero Of The Ages (Mistborn #3)
Sapphire – Push
Satrappi, Marjane – Persepolis 1: The Story Of A Childhood
Scheeres, Julia – A Thousand Lives *audiobook review
Scheidt, Erica Lorraine – Uses For Boys
Schlitz, Laura Amy – Splendors And Glooms
Schmatz, Pat – Bluefish
Schmidt, Gary D. – Okay For Now *audiobook review
Schmidt, Gary D. – The Wednesday Wars *audiobook review
Schreiber, Joe – Au Revoir Crazy European Chick
Schrek, Karen – While He Was Away
Schroeder, Lisa – Falling For You
Schwab, Victoria – The Near Witch
Scieszka, Jon – Guys Read: Thriller
Scott, Elizabeth – Between Here And Forever
Scott, Elizabeth – Living Dead Girl
Scott, Kieran – He’s So Not Worth It
Scott, Kieran – She’s So Dead To Us
Scott, Mindi – Live Through This
Sedaris, David – When You Are Engulfed In Flames
See, Lisa – Snow Flower And The Secret Fan
Selfors, Suzanne – Mad Love
Selznick, Brian – The Invention Of Hugo Cabret
Selznick, Brian – Wonderstruck
Senate, Melissa – The Mosts
Septys, Ruta – Between Shades of Gray
Serle, Rebecca – When You Were Mine *audiobook review
Shan, Darren – Zom-B
Sharratt, Mary – Daughters Of The Witching Hill
Shecter, Vicky Alvear – Cleopatra’s Moon *audiobook review
Shepard, Sara – Pretty Little Liars
Sheth, Kashmira – Keeping Corner
Shiraz – Defenders of the Scroll
Shinn, Sharon – Gateway
Shorts, Shelena – The Pace
Singer, Nicky – Feather Boy
Skloot, Rebecca – The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks
Sloan, Holly Goldberg – I’ll Be There
Small, David – Stitches: A Memoir
Smith, Clete Barrett – Aliens On Vacation
Smith, Jennifer E. – The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight
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Snicket, Lemony – The Bad Beginning *audiobook
Snyder, Laurel – Bigger Than A Bread Box
Snyder, Maria V – Inside Out
Snyder, Maria V- Outside In
Snyder, Maria V – Poison Study (Poison Study Book 1)
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Springfield, Rick – Late, Late At Night *Allison review
Stacey, Shannon – Mistletoe & Margaritas *audiobook
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Steer, Dugald A. – The Dragonology Chronicles vol. 1: The Dragon’s Eye *audiobook
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Stiefvater, Maggie – Shiver (Wolves Of Mercy Falls Book 1)
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Summers, Courtney – Fall For Anything
Summers, Courtney – Some Girls Are
Summers, Courtney – This Is Not A Test
Sutherland, Tui T. – The Dragonet Prophecy


Taylor, Justin – Everything Here Is The Best Thing Ever
Taylor, Laini – Daughter Of Smoke And Bone
Taylor, Laini – Daughter Of Smoke And Bone *Allison Review
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Teitelbaum, Michael – Batman: Super-Villains Strike
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Tracy, Kristen – A Field Guide To Heartbreakers
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Trigiani, Adriana – Very Valentine
Trueman, Terry – Life Happens Next
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Tuchman, Barbara – A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century *audiobook review
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Ursu, Anne – Breadcrumbs


Valente, Catherynne M. – The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making
Valente, Catherynne M. – The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland And Led The Revels There
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Vernon, Ursula – Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs
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Wade, Rebecca – The Whispering House
Walker, Brian F. – Black Boy, White School

Walker, Melissa C. – Lovestruck Summer
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Wood, Maryrose – The Incorrigible Children Of Ashton Place: The Hidden Gallery
Wood, Maryrose – The Incorrigible Children Of Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling *audiobook
Wood, Maryrose – The Incorrigible Children Of Ashton Place: The Unseen Guest
Woods, Elizabeth – Choker
Woodson, Jacqueline – After Tupac And D Foster
Woodson, Jacqueline – Peace, Locomotion
Wolverton, Barry – Neversink
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Yancey, Rick – The Monstrumologist
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