Allison: Book Blogging Challenge Day 13

Describe one under appreciated book that EVERYONE should read For this one I’m going to have to go with Heartbreak Cove by Lily Everett. This book is part of the Sanctuary Island series which is one of my favorite set of companion novels. Sanctuary Island is such a magic setting. It draws you right in […]

Allison: 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 12

How do you fight blogger fatigue? Honestly, I don’t have an answer for this. Being someone who dropped off the radar of blogging for pretty much a year I can admit that the blogging fatigue got to me. Having to come up with new reviews and new content – I just couldn’t seem to do […]

Allison: Book Blogger Challenge Day 11

Show off! 5 of your best blog posts: It was hard to narrow it down to just five posts but here is what I’ve come up with. Also, it was a lot of fun to look back and all the different things I’ve posted and talked about over the years! Across The Universe review: This […]

Allison: Book Blogger Challenge Day 10

When April originally did this challenge in 2013, we were in the middle of a heat wave. Ironically enough in 2019 as I’m doing this challenge we just experienced a massive snow storm which is being followed up by a nasty wind-chill factor. Add in that I’ve had a couple recently crazy busy days at […]

5 Historical Fiction Audiobooks You Need To Listen To

If you know anything about me, the one thing you probably know is that I LOVE audiobooks. And so, I am listening to them constantly. Thanks to Hoopla, Overdrive, Libby and my library’s amazing ILL system, I always have an audiobook going (FOR FREE thank you taxes, you’re the real one). If you’re new to […]

Allison: Book Blogger Challenge Day 9

Why do you blog about books? In 2012, I wrote a blog post about my experience at the 2012 BEA Bloggers Conference. This is an excerpt that still stands true today for me: “I joined this blogging world for fun after being invited by April. I don’t plan on making this into a career of […]