Top 5 Superheroes | Renegades Blog Tour

Hello reader friends! How are you all doing today? Myself, I am still in the trenches of reading┬áRenegades which is Marissa Meyer’s latest book. As it turns out, that book is WAY longer than it looks. It is excellent so far though – except for the very beginning first chapter but I am just a […]

In 2017, I Hereby Resolve To:

1. Read four short stories per week and review them. I really do enjoy short stories and I have quite a few anthologies within my Netgalley and Edelweiss shelves. If I give myself the space to read four per week instead of one a day, I think I will be more motivated to actually read […]

The Best Gift For Busy Readers

I feel like it is SO hard to buy avid readers a bookish gift for Christmas. In looking squarely at myself as an example, I have SO many books that chances are if someone buys me a book, I already have it. I also am quite fickle with what I read, so if someone buys […]

Fill Your Kindle Deals | All Treats No Tricks

I feel like you aren’t too old to go virtual trick or treating. Friends, it looks like Amazon has an abundance of books on sale. I am so pumped to see Illuminae, Grave Mercy and Every Thing, Every Thing on sale. I mean, these are all excellent books. Also, there’s vintage Victoria Schwab with The […]

Fill Your Kindle | June 2016 Edition

Hello Reader Friends! What a few weeks it has been. I can’t even parse out the correct adjective right now. In my personal life, I have had a few wins and a loss, too. I’ve paid down my credit card and now have no consumer debt. All I owe is student loans. So, to me, […]

May 2016 TBR | Mid Month Because I Am The Worst

Here is a belated May 2016 To Be Read vlog because I am the worst and definitely have not come remotely close to achieving my goal of recording more vlogs. So, the books mentioned in this super awesome super short May 2016 TBR vlog are: It’s Okay To Laugh by Nora McIerny Purmort | Amazon […]