Happy Fifth Blogoversary To Me!

If I thought I would be in this same place five years ago, I would be shocked. Honestly, I never thought blogging would have the impact on my life that it does, for good and for bad. I started Good Books And Good Wine after this mania obsession with Goodreads and before starting student teaching. […]

Violated: A Catharsis Post

I never once thought I would be writing a post like this. I am not the sort of person who wakes up in the morning and thinks, hmmm how will I be victimized today. To be honest, I thought I was the last person I know who would ever be victimized, given that I work […]

I Wish I Was Creative or Where I’m At Right Now

Every day I am overcome by a green eyed jealousy monster. It’s not that I am envious of ARCs or anything. I am jealous of everyone’s brain power and creative well of ideas. Every day I feel like I come across awesome discussion posts or cool features and I think to myself, WHY DIDN’T I […]

A Brief Guide To Culling Your Books

Does the thought of getting rid of or donating your old books make you break out into hives? Are you scared that your house will eventually collapse from the weight of all of your books? THIS POST IS FOR YOU.

Reasons Book Blogging Is Worth It: Readathons

Reasons Book Blogging Is Worth It is a feature we here at Good Books And Good Wine will be examining why, for us,  blogging about books is worth the time, the money, the drama and the frustration. This will be an ongoing series, unique to our blog, at least in the format/way we decide to lay […]

My iPhone Is A Lifesaver

My iPhone is a lifesaver. For real. I am one of those people who is consistently bored and impatient. I have absolutely the worst time focusing on things. Thankfully I have a smart phone and it is gotten me through many a long grocery store line. You see, I have the kindle app on my […]