September 2019 Goals

Hello dearest reader friends! I have genuinely missed getting a little bit more personal in this space. For awhile, I was pretty great at letting you all in my life and talking books and opinions and all kinds of things. However, over the past six years or so it is like I’ve just been holding back. Given that I want the direction of Good Books & Good Wine to change just a little bit, it seems like today would be a good day to start. You see, today is the first of September and the first of the BERRR months which are my favorite. I love fall and secretly winter to a lesser extent. I also really love setting goals and sharing them even though I definitely do not always achieve them.

Here are my goals for September:

Read and review 10 Netgalley books. As you may or may not know, I read and reviewed 54 Netgalley books from May 24 through August 31. There’s no way I can sustain that kind of momentum again. Plus I am down to 50 Netgalley books that haven’t been reviewed (out of 526 which is pretty darn good). So, I am slowing it down a little bit and giving myself more breathing room to hopefully get my feedback percentage to 100 by February 2020.

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Another month another TBR. I’m glad so many people I follow on #bookstagram are as obsessed with the BER months and autumn as I am. The air is crisp and I don’t think it’s going to warm back up to swimming weather. I’m okay with this. For my #septembertbr I plan to read 10 Netgalley books (I have physical copies on my TBR cart) and three other books. So, a 13 book TBR which is so doable! 🍁Life Is Short & Then You Die edited by Kelley Armstrong 🍁The Things She’s Seen by Ambelin and Ezekiel Kwaymullina 🍁Out To Get You by Josh Allen 🍁 There Will Come A Darkness by Katy Rose Pool 🍁 The One That Got Away by Melissa Pimentel 🍁 The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge 🍁 Hostage Three by Nick Lake 🍁 Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore 🍁 Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce 🍁 Nightstruck by Jenna Black 🍁 In This Moment by Karma Brown 🍁 Twelve Kings In Sharakhai by Bradley P. Beaulieu 🍁 Vow Of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson (my current read and yes I’m obsessed) What are you planning to read this month? #tbrcart #currentlyreading #instabook #booklion #librarybooks #librarybook #bookworm #bookish #readstagram #reading #netgalley

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Complete the 30 Day Shred. Friends, I miss working out regularly. The 30 day shred is so easy and only 30 minutes long. I think it’ll be a good way to ease myself back in. And then eventually when our garage is cleaned up, I plan to complete the Couch to 5k program.


Complete One Puzzle. Don’t ask me why but somehow I’ve decided we are going to be one of those families that are into puzzles. And I have this super cute puzzle that is fall themed that we got on sale at Barnes & Noble the other week.

Complete One Puzzle. Don't ask me why but somehow I've decided we are going to be one of those families that are into puzzles. And I have this super cute puzzle that is fall themed that we got on sale at Barnes & Noble the other week.

Finish Season Three Of The West Wing. I think this will be hard to do because all our shows come back (The Goldbergs, Fresh Off The Boat, Superstore, Brooklyn 99). Still, my husband and I are really enjoying The West Wing and well, it’s something different from the other two shows we tend to watch over and over (The Office and King Of The Hill). I also think this is completely the kind of show you need to pay attention to – the dialogue is so snappy that if you’re busy scrolling to the bottom of instagram, you’ll miss something.

Start The Process Of Sorting And Porting My Photos. I recently subscribed to a 7 Day Email Challenge posted by Click It Up A Notch about organizing your photos. It inspired me to take a look at my computer and realize that I have 48 gb of photos stored. So, I ordered a 2 TB external hard drive and plan to start the process of making folders and sorting and organizing and deleting. I also want to cross upload to Shutterfly and I think someone pointed me in the direction of Amazon Prime photo storage. So, this is going to be a project that will take months.

Decorate For Fall.

Decorate For Fall. Okay so the plan is to make my house look like Pinterest threw up in it, especially because we closed on the house too late last year to decorate for fall and were still in the process of unpacking and also battling a few mice that we took to our new home as a souvenir from the rented storage. This year now that we are mice free, we are going to go all out in all our Autumn glory.

Decorate For Fall.

Post on IG every day. This is like the biggest challenge to me, because I forget. However, I love the Bookstagram community there. I tend to follow people that are positive and not dramatic. So Instagram is a social media that makes me happy and I want to cultivate that.

What are your September goals? Let’s catch back up in October to see how we did and to come up with some new goals!

A list of September 2019 goals to get in the mood for Autumn - by decorating, sorting pictures, reading books, and doing a puzzle.

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