Blood Of Wonderland by Colleen Oakes | Book Review

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Blood Of Wonderland by Colleen Oakes | Book ReviewBlood of Wonderland by Colleen Oakes
Also by this author: Queen of Hearts
Series: Queen Of Hearts Saga #2
Also in this series: Queen of Hearts
Published by HarperCollins on January 31st 2017
Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, General, Royalty, Classics
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover, eARC
Source: Publisher
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ISBN: 9780062409782

Revolution is rising in Wonderland. Dinah’s battle has begun.
Colleen Oakes’s twisted reimagining of the Queen of Hearts origin story continues in this thrilling sequel, Blood of Wonderland.
Dinah has been exiled from Wonderland. The vicious father she always feared has framed her for the brutal murder of her brother and turned the kingdom against her.
Now hiding in the lush and mysterious Twisted Wood with only her war steed at her side, Dinah is faced with a choice—to leave Wonderland forever, or stay and fight her father for the throne.
When a chance encounter with one of her father’s long-lost enemies brings Dinah more allies than she ever could have imagined, war starts to feel inevitable. But before Dinah can lead her people into combat, she must confront certain truths about her heart and her destiny—no matter how dark those truths may be.

Blood Of Wonderland by Colleen Oakes is the second book in the Queen Of Wonderland saga. Oh my goodness, it’s an intense, high octane sort of read and QUICK too. Like, I feel as though I’ve blinked and gone through this book. I think that you will enjoy reading this book if you like action and minimal romance. Also, people who like when classics are twisted will like this book as well.

Blood Of Wonderland picks up where Queen Of Wonderland leaves off. Dinah has basically been exiled from the kingdom. Er, not exiled, but her dad was going to kill her and so she had to run away. All she has is this basically giant horse named Morte for company. And so, Dinah keeps on running through the Twisted Wood escaping all kinds of dangers. Eventually, she gains an ally in a former Spade named Sir Gorrann who has got plenty of secrets of his own. Dinah’s running brings her to the lands of Wonderland’s enemy – the Yurkei. And so, Dinah begins to train and forms an uneasy alliance, in hopes of winning Wonderland from her father and taking her revenge. Blood will be spilled, of course.

Dinah develops into quite the head strong character. Sure, in the first book we see her jealous of Vittoire and pining over Wardley. In this book though, she’s got a mission. She’s dead set on claiming a kingdom and seeing herself crowned queen. Her father’s betrayal will not stand. We also get to see Dinah learn a little secret about herself and her parentage. I won’t lie when I say it changes everything. In fact, this secret shows that perhaps this series is going for the feel of chess and not checkers with the intricacy of the plotting and characterization.

So, as I mentioned before, romance is really minimal in Blood Of Wonderland by Colleen Oakes. In fact, Wardley is barely around in this book. He’s still in Wonderland. Then when he does get there, well, there’s no real time for kissing and love. Not when there’s a revolution to be had. I know I will be interested to see in which direction the romance or lack thereof goes in book three.

Probably the coolest thing about Colleen Oakes’ Blood Of Wonderland is that we’re out of the Kingdom of Wonderland proper and instead get to check out the Twisted Wood. Even more importantly, we get to know more about the Yurkei. They’re so interesting and it’s fascinating to see what leads to their being able to take on and fight Wonderland. I loved reading about the Yurkei land, which is basically in the sky. I think it’ll be exciting to see what happens in the final battle in the final book.

Blood Of Wonderland by Colleen Oakes ramps up the action from Queen Of Wonderland and delivers a story that is engaging in its own right. I can’t wait to see how this trilogy will end.

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