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Have you readStarters by Lissa Price yet? No? Okay, then stop reading this review and go read this one instead. Otherwise, YOU GUYS,Endersis the conclusion of Price’s duology and it is quite a doozy if I say so myself. Like, I am tired just thinking about it because there is SO MUCH ACTION OMG and some mind benders and some twists and some turns and some unexpected elements from book one. There are a few things where the explanation felt a bit off and kind of awkward, but otherwise, you guys this book is SUCH a fitting conclusion to Callie’s story and overall, totally freaky and weird and awesome. Yes, awesome.

Enders by Lissa Price | Good Books And Good Wine

At the end ofStarters, Prime Destinations the body bank where teens rent their bodies out was destroyed. Main character Callie begins to feel safe as she lives in the home that she inherited from Helena and also has a guardian. Only, it turns out she is not safe, she still has the chip in her head and the Old Man can still control her from afar. It turns out that the Old Man was not destroyed along with Prime Destinations. So, Callie begins sort of a quest to find out how to get the chip out of her head and how to fight back against the Enders who want to control her. Along the way she meets this guy named Hyden who has an interesting connection to the Old Man and also a um, condition. Friends, Callie is about to ignite a revolution and furthermore, uncover some long hidden secrets, including a way to fight back against those enders who are renters.Enders is a thrilling follow up toStarters.

When I was readingEnders, I have to admit that I totally forgot how bad ass Callie is. Like, I was reading the book and it came as a surprise to me just how tough Callie is. She knows and uses the word no quite a bit. She’s the type where she will do whatever it takes to save the other Metals (teens who used to work for Prime Destinations) no matter the cost to her. Like, the girl rushes headlong into danger and it is awesome. I did like, however, how her family was her soft spot.

hangin tough


I think whereEnders does not have me on board 100% is with the romance. There’s just no swoon there. There’s no OMG OMG OMG SHIP SHIP SHIP for me (I tend to repeat myself when I get excited). Sure, there’s a relationship that happens for Callie, but I did not feel the chemistry. In fact, it felt kind of forced. I think I would rather have done without the romance in this book. It also came from the person I did not expect. I won’t tell you who she pairs off with, but I will say that it just was not to my taste. Alas, not every romance can be a winner.

If you like books with twists and surprises, you will like Lissa Price’sEnders. The book took some turns that I never would have predicted. I am totally okay with that. There was one bit where I was like NO WAY! BUT THEN IT HAPPENED. I know I am being weird and cryptic, but really there were some good surprises and I just liked how unique the book ended up being. I think that it did a good job building on the world created inStartersand answered some of my scientific questions. I loved that the pacing was so breakneck and there was all this action. There were no breathers, it was just go go go, which is good you guys. If you want a book with zero dull moments, get your hands onEnders.

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  1. So I totally just read your review even though I haven’t read Starters. BUT, honestly, I doubt I’ll ever read Starters. It’s just not my kind of book. The original cover for Starters is also TOTALLY Freaky!!

    Sorry this book didn’t have you 100%, but it still sounds like you enjoyed it.
    Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook recently posted..Audio Review: The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae CarsonMy Profile

  2. Haha, I completely understand your need to be cryptic on this one! I love how twisty and surprising these two books were, 100% agreed 😀
    Anya recently posted..Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday {SF/F Reviews and Giveaways}My Profile

  3. I’ll admit, I do love this series, but Enders didn’t grab me the way Starters did. It was just missing that special something, but I honestly can’t tell you what it is. I do agree that it was a non-stop action-packed ride, which was awesome.

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