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Note: There’s totally going to be spoilers for the previous books in this trilogy because there is no way I can talk about this book and NOT spoil. You’ve been warned.

Here is the thing about Kelley Armstrong’s young adult books, they are totally one day reads, even when, like the last book in her†Darkness Rising trilogy,†The Rising, they clock in at 406 pages, they are STILL one day reads. That’s right, all 406 pages will only take you one day to get through. Unlike†The Reckoning, I felt that Armstrong had wrapped this trilogy up pretty well and tied up some ends that I felt were loose. Also! There’s finally some crossover between†Darkness Rising and†Darkest Powers, and I don’t even care you guys I was excited to see Maya again but even way more excited for Chloe and Derek moments. Whatever. We all have our ships. It’s cool.

The Rising by Kelly Armstrong | Good Books And Good Wine

Here is what I remember about the plot of†The Rising because I am totally that person who always writes book reviews months after finishing the book. The whole St. Cloud gang is on the run because they don’t want to be pawns of various magical cabals. They end up in Vancouver, or maybe they already were there. Anyways. They are wandering around Canada. Then, they get captured, or rather, I think I remember Maya getting captured somewhere in there. There’s some questioning about Skinwalker powers and going feral. Oh and there’s still the whole Rafe-Maya-Daniel triangle. AND! This group rendezvous with the group from Darkest Powers. It is awesome, these teens with paranormal abilities come together and really advocate for themselves.

It’s so weird writing a review when your memory is imperfect and when it has been awhile, what can I really write about but the impressions and feelings I had? It’s not like I can give you guys a comparative chart of the characters and their growth over time. Instead, I guess what I can write about is emotion. I think you guys like reading about that. I continue to feel a strong affinity for Maya. She’s just so strong in herself and her beliefs and is someone who is genuine. She loves and cares deeply. She is the leader of the group, but she is not infallible, otherwise this would be such a boring book. AND OMG can I admit that I just really liked seeing her interact with Chloe, ha ha.

If you are all about romances where it feels like it takes your ship FOREVER to get together, but in the end you are like well that wait was worth it because ANTICIPATION you will totally LOVE†The Rising. That is right. There is kissing. There is a slow burn. There is a couple that I have been pushing for all along (if you are into the best friends into lovers trope) that FINALLY gets together. I am like so satisfied. Seriously, Armstrong is a master of tension and I think that is why I rip through her books so quickly, because I am all keyed up with emotions and tension and all COME ONNNNNN. And then it happens and I am full of the satisfaction.

Basically, to end this lazy review of†The Rising†by Kelley Armstrong, I will simply tell you that if you liked her other young adult books, you will like this one. I think if you are looking for some loose ends to come together, you will like this book. Basically if you’re still into paranormal at this point, I hope you are down to read this trilogy because it pays off.

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  1. I really enjoyed this series and how Armstrong pulled everything together. Of course, she’s an auto-buy for me because I absolutely love her adult series.

    Can I just ask how the whole “ship” thing got started? Maybe I should go look it up on Urban Dictionary…
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