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Who does not love a good story about being snowed in? I know it’s kind of cliche, but you guys I will read the heck out of any book or novella that involves a blizzard. Like, I remember as a kid reading some story about kids that get snowed into a ski lodge. There might have been a chaste kiss in the book. Snowbound With The CEO by Shannon Stacey is not nearly as chaste as the books of my youth. It’s a grown up version of those snowed in sort of books, obviously as you could tell from the title and y’all, I quite enjoyed reading it.

Snowbound With The CEO by Shannon Stacey | Good Books And Good Wine

Basically the plot of Snowbound With The CEO  by Shannon Stacey is kind of exactly what you would expect — and there’s some comfort into going into a book with no surprises. Rachel Carter is an assistant to CEO Adrian Blackstone, who built his business of renovating and preserving historical architechture from the ground up. This weekend, the two are meeting a potential investor at a ski lodge. Rachel has always had feelings for Adrian, but does not want to risk her job, she is very good and very passionate at what she does. Adrian does not want to lose his best assistant. Yet, you guys, the chemistry between them is off the charts and with a dangerous blizzard and roads closed, the two find love or at least sexytimes in the very romantic ski lodge. Will the night of passion translate into something more? Or will the two go their separate ways? Take 20 minutes to read this novella and find out.

I get why Shannon Stacey is published by Carina Press, girl can write some LOVE scenes if ya know what I mean, wink wink nudge nudge hashtag sexytimes. I think she did a great job making me believe a relationship or at least a hook up between Rachel and Adrian could happen. I also liked what she did with the whole after the lodge part. Snowbound With The CEO is a fun, romantic, sexy sort of read with interesting characters. It’s kind of amazing how much this short little novella packs in. I totally recommend it if you’ve got a spare half hour and are a bit behind on your challenge for the year.

On A Scale Of One To Clark Griswold, How Much Christmas Spirit Does This Book Have?

I would probably put Snowbound With The CEO by Shannon Stacey on the three end of the Clark Griswold scale. There is not a lot of Christmas or holidays going on until the very end where there is a Christmas party. Otherwise, it’s really more of a winter romance and not a Holiday Spectacular Radio City Hall Type Extravaganza of cheer and mistletoe and such.

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  1. LOL–the Clark Griswold scale. Always enjoy a good snowed-in story!

  2. Stories about being snowed in are always fun to read! It just puts characters into such interesting situations, particularly if there’s romantic tension. This novella sounds like a fun, fast read!
    Alexa Y. recently posted..‘Tis The Season: The Ghosts of Christmas PastMy Profile

  3. Okay, so I’ve been totally into the romance books lately. Like you said, it’s nice sometimes going into a book knowing there were be an HEA and not a lot of stress.

    And you know what? I love blizzard type books, too. It must be the whole living in CNY thing. And I’m behind on my reading challenge. I think this book is right up my alley. I might even try to read it tonight after work and errands.
    Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook recently posted..Book Haul #30My Profile

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