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Today marks a momentous occasion — it marks that one time I finished EVERY SINGLE Christmas themed Netgalley egalley that I requested in 2013. You guys, it’s time to top off your wine glasses or your hot chocolate mugs and sit back as I tell you all about Sarah Morgan’s charming holiday romanceSleigh Bells In The Snow, a story of city girl meets country boy and boom chemistry. WhileSleigh Bells In The Snow might not be my favorite of all the holiday romances I have read this year, it definitely has plenty to recommend it to you, dear reader, who have not burnt yourself out on Christmas Romance, at least I hope you haven’t.

Sleigh Bells In The Snow by Sarah Morgan | Good Books And Good Wine

Kayla Green hates Christmas. She does what she can to avoid it. She’s associate vice president at Innovation, a PR company. Kayla has a stellar reputation for delivering results. Her newest client is Jackson O’Neill, who is essentially sex on a stick you guys. Anyways, he was running this company in Switzerland but has come home to run his family’s failing mountain resort called Snow Crystal and has decided that they need Kayla’s PR magic. He invites Kayla to leave New York City and come to Snow Crystal in Vermont for the week of Christmas so that she is able to get a feel for Snow Crystal and base her campaign around real life expertise. Kayla jumps at the chance because she thinks it will allow her to avoid Christmas. Unfortunately for her, she finds herself SURROUNDED by holiday cheer and spirit. Also, Jackson’s family who are plain awesome. Furthermore, sparks totally fly between Kayla and Jackson with sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. That, my friend, is the most concise summary ofSleigh Bells In The Snowthat I could possibly give you.

I have to confess that Kayla’s dislike of Christmas was a bit over the top for me. Okay you guys, I get that some people don’t like the holidays because they are lonely or because it reminds them of sad things. Also seasonal affective disorder. BUT THIS IS A CHRISTMAS ROMANCE, I expect a little tiny bit of Elf-like cheer, okay. That’s okay though, because woman has got her walls and her guard up and let’s just say she legit has a stiff British upper lip, being British and all. It only made the romance that much more satisfying, seeing the walls come down. Also, I liked how smart Kayla was and sassy. She’s cool you guys, I don’t hate her.

Jackson O’Neill might as well be a therapist if we look at how he totally has got Kayla’s number. I might have found him frustrating, except for the fact that he really wasn’t arrogant or annoying about it. It came from a good place, ya know? And he really is sweet and helps Kayla to overcome her holiday malaise. ALSO YOU GUYS I WAS CONVINCED BY THE KISSING. And the hot tub. And the athleticism. And the scenery. And the love of nature. Also, by how well Kayla and Jackson mesh. Granted, there was some drama that felt like a bit MUCH, at least Sleigh Bells In The Snowwasn’t boring. I can happily say that.

On A Scale Of One To Clark Griswold, How Much Christmas Spirit Does This Book Have?

After I finished readingSleigh Bells In The Snow, a certain GIF came to mind:

So, really I would say this book has all kinds of spirit – there are sleigh rides, dog sleds, skiing, maple syrup, Christmas cookies, family, and all kinds of holiday activities. It’s definitely on the Grinch after he becomes nice end of the scale.

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  1. First of all HOLY CRAP. Congrats on finishing all your NG Christmas requests! I have to admit that I probably won’t be able to make that this year, LOL. I went WAY overboard. But I’m doing my best!

    But this booook! I want to buy a copy and Sharpie hearts all over the cover. Except I don’t, because I don’t mark on my books, and the cover is lovely. BUT STILL. You get the idea. I agree that her aversion to Christmas was a little over the top, but that’s about the only complaint I had about this book. Everything else was simply superb.

    LOVE that GIF choice. It’s perfect.
    Sharon @ The Book Barbies recently posted..(Review) Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah MorganMy Profile

  2. Okay, this seems cute. I read a few Christmas-y books this month and really enjoyed them. I’m not sure if I can read another, though. Although you were convinced by the kissing, so I am kind of curious about all the kissing going on in this one.
    Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook recently posted..Review: Only Us by Susan MalleryMy Profile

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